TopSpec Lite Balancer Review

Oscar has been happily delving into his TopSpec Lite Balancer since September (2015), the only thing I ask myself is what took me so long?

And if I am really was fear.

When Oscar came to live with me in March 2013 he was fit and fresh...I continued to feed him the diet he had in his previous home to help him settle into his new lifestyle, I quickly learnt this diet was more suited to hunting than pony clubbing as I watched Oscar bounce around the field, loose the ability to stand still and snort fire when ridden!

I turned to my fellow liveries for advise who were Simple Systems advocates. After sampling the Total Eclipse Balancer I ordered a bag of my own, I fed this with their Timothy Chop and PuraBeet as recommended. I love Simple Systems dedication to feeding forage based diets and their feeds smell fresh and healthy, with friends having superb results, but Oscar never tucked in...some days he'd choose his feed first over his hay, others he didn't even lift his head when I walked into his stable with the bowl, the next day...some mornings the feed was consumed and others it was untouched for me to throw away.

March 2013
December 2014

Early Summer 2015 Oscar refused his Simple Systems feed, I rang and the ever helpful staff who recommended their Lucie Mints but being typically Irish he doesn't like anything mint flavoured having not been introduced to "treats" until his later years, and because we are so fortunate to have acres of fantastic grazing, (in Spring/Summer months I am not always as grateful as I should be) and a supply of beautiful hay from a local farmer I gave up on feed. The guilt that Oscar wasn't getting his full intake of vitamins and minerals pushed to the back of my mind.

At the British Dressage Championships in September 2015 I visited a TopSpec trade stand and asked them what they would recommend for Oscar, the expert team gave me a sample of their Lite Balancer

Frantically Googling when I got home I found mixed reviews...more positive than negative but the negative ones have a horrid habit of sticking in your mind, but still I gave it a go praying Oscar wouldn't be found turned inside out doing handstands in his stable the next day as he licked the bowl clean. Phew, least it's palatable, first tick!

December 2015

As my sample ran out I purchased a bag from my local country store at £20.25, I fed it alone as per the instructions split into two meals, morning and evening, the bowl joyfully licked clean each time. I waited days...weeks for a change in temperament, when would my sensitive horse lose his head? But if anything his concentration has improved, along with his feet, coat and contentedness. I am months in and have nothing but glowing feedback for TopSpec, Oscar looks and feels the best he ever has.

So what is TopSpec Lite Balancer; a non-heating, cereal-grain-free formula with low levels of starch and sugar, and a considered level of protein to help maintain muscle function but avoid promoting body condition. Lite Balancer allows horses and ponies to receive all the micro-nutrients required to balance the diet when in light to medium work in a small amount of exceptionally low-calorie feed. Alongside helping to maintain excellent health Lite Balancer will also greatly improve hoof quality, promote supple skin and an exceptionally shiny coat. Palatable to be fed alone or with a little TopChop Lite.

My shiny silver pony - December 2015

I feed Oscar TopSpec Lite Balancer alone, with plenty of adhoc forage overnight and an average of 9/10 hours turnout/grazing per day. After years of struggling with feed my heart swells with happiness as Oscar nickers as I walk in the feed room, his ears pricked awaiting my return, for the bowl to be heartily hoovered clean twice a day, heaven to have a happy horse.

As I said, what took me so long...?

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx