Racesafe Body Protector RS2010 Revisited

On Wednesday 25th December 2013 I wrote a post titled KanTeq Vs Racesafe Body Protectors and I promised to review my Racesafe RS2010 body protector after a few months of wear...(looks sheepish) I have to apologise that a "few months" has quickly developed into 24 and a bit months? Better late than never I say...

And you'll be pleased to know my Racesafe RS2010 is still looking smart and going strong after plenty of use, I love it! The RS2010 design continues to offer the highest Europeon and BETA standards of protection with market leading comfort and flexibility - a claim I whole heartedly support. 

The RS2010 is designed with up to seventy independently hinged foam sections to allow movement and air circulation, it is the most comfortable and lightweight body protector I have ever worn, I can even take my boots off and breath at the same time as wearing it...sounds a simple task but some brands can be like wearing a corset. I also love that the sides of the RS2010 lace up, this meant when I bravely attempted Autumn hunting for the first time I could let out the sides and wear over my tweed, giving me extra confidence I needed in the field.

Thank you Racesafe for keeping me safe during our many adventures over the past two years, a truly wonderful purchase and there will be no hesitation in purchasing another when the time comes.

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx