Gee Gee and Me's Winter Survival

It was magical to wake up to snow this morning here in the UK, but I wouldn't have been so excited about it without a few items I would describe as my 'Winter Survival' favourites, because being cold just isn't fun!

The list could go on and on, and on, and on....(you get the idea), but I have short-listed five;

  1. My Le Chameau wellies, my feet become incredibly painful when they're cold and these wellies have been a Winter saviour for me, they're neoprene lined and comfortable up to -15 degrees (thankfully I haven't tried them out at this temperature, but I'll to take Le Chameau's word for it). I blogged about my Le Chameau's back in January 2014 here they're worn daily and still going strong - picture taken today. 
  2. Secondly, my Sealskinz Women's Winter Riding Glove - I have to confess I don't ride in these as I loose a bit of my feel because of their bulk but they're attached to my hands right up until I change into my riding gloves and for yard jobs they're excellent. They're fully waterproof and protect my hands from sores and chilblains. I wouldn't be without them, especially on a day like today!
  3. I live in my ProSkin Base Layer! ProSkin are the developers of the most advanced sporting base-layer technologies in the world, adapted to meet the needs of motorcyclists. Yes motorcyclists, but as you read on you'll learn their requirements are very similar to those of equestrians. The ProSkin encases the body with a close fit, it's soft and smooth fabric gives freedom of movement whilst eradicating any discomfort caused by chaffing, sweating or any cuff/collar irritation, and behind the scenes the ProSkin's thermal properties are working hard to keep your muscles at the optimum temperature, enabling your body to perform at the most efficient level. My ProSkin was a gift and they can be purchased here from Two Wheel Centre motorcycle specialists.
  4. How did I survive with my soft shell breeches? I discovered mine last January, I lived in them until Spring and here I am again, still loving their fluffy warmth. Mine are the Pikeur Lucinda Grip Cork-Shell Breeches and they're spot on it every way.
  5.  ...and because it isn't all about me, Oscar's Thermatex Quarter Rug - actually all Oscar's Thermatex products are necessities in Winter but this is my favourite. I insist in warming up in his Quarter Rug on cold days and believe it makes a difference, plus I can slide my hands underneath it for a toasty warm up when we take a breather.

I hope you and your horses are all happy and warm today, I'd love to hear your Winter Survival tips, please share :o)

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx