Gee Gee and Me launch on Facebook

Since the launch of Gee Gee and Me in December 2013 I have tussled with the idea of a Facebook page. I write purely for fun, it's a hobby that I love and therefore lacked courage to "go public" so to's almost like putting your company on the stock exchange, please be kind...
The push that I needed came from Diamond Equestrian, in October they were kind enough to announce Oscar and I as brand ambassadors, giving me a huge sense of pride and a great excuse to share a little more about our journey, dreams and aspirations. I usually fill my personal Facebook with this, much to the bemusement of my "non-horsey" friends, so it also enables me to give them a break and diversify my blog, alongside my tried and tested I will be sharing news of our adventures and happiness, I'd love you to be part of it...please LIKE our page, Gee Gee and Me.

As always,
Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx