The Chicken Rug, from Shires

The rug is formally known as the Shires Tempest Original 200 Combo and has been lovingly renamed by it's super fans aka Oscar and I...who else - as THE CHICKEN RUG and we love it, it's so cool!!

Something was more interesting that having his photo taken...

Those of you who have read the Gee Gee and Me post about the exact same Shires rug in 100g fill will understand why I highly rate the Tempest design, and if you haven't click on the link to take a look. They fit my Irish bog pony to perfection, they don't rub, they're breathable, waterproof - FACT, they actually are - the neck is a good length, the body is the perfect depth, they're strong, durable and super quick to whip on and off...leg straps you say? No need, easy!

All of these superlatives and I haven't yet mentioned the incredible value for money the rug offers, it cost £61.99 and is perfect for night time turnout at the moment, Oscar is still living out and has been clipped so the 200g fill is perfect for the cool Autumn nights.

I think you'll all agree Oscar looks super cute in his swish new rug....please don't roll, please don't roll...

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx