Griffin Nuumed Half Wood Quilt Numnah

I love hacking and look forward to a thrilling exploration trip come the weekend, regularly going out for a couple of hours at a time, therefore it is a priority that Oscar is comfortable whether we're taking in the scenery at a leisurely pace or galloping across our beautiful countryside. 

Griffin Nuumed ensure Oscar is exactly that and after resolving our saddle fitting woes early 2015 I haven't picked my grip pad up since - although it's safely stored in my tack room as it's been an invaluable piece of equipment that I or a friend may make use of again. And I fell upon a Griffin Nuumed Numnah totally by chance when discussing the saddle patch area of Oscar's Winter coat becoming dull and course, the hairs were brittle and starting to snap and not wanting the situation to get worse or cause discomfort/sores asking for ideas of what could prevent this...a friend immediately lent me her Half Wool Quilt Griffin Numnah

Photograph of numnah above were taken today, after clipping Oscar he has become a little scurfy from having rugs on 24/7 (as you can see) and tonight the numnah is home to be washed, the Griffin Wool can be washed in your machine using Nuumed liquid and they come up like new again, so simple and easy - even I've managed not to ruin it, success!

The Half Wool Quilt Griffin Numnah is conventionally shaped to fit your saddle, whether it be dressage, GP or jump/forward cut with a lightweight wool lining over key pressure points. I am cautious of anything with wool or lambskin because if they are too puffy my saddle won't fit, or it will slip...the joys of a round native, so the fact Griffin Nuumed knit their wool directly onto a cotton yarn creating a 5oz quilt it reduces bulk but still contains all the natural fibres required to ensure it absorbs up to 30% of it's own weight in moisture and reduces the likelihood of skin reactions or allergies. 

I am an advocate that Griffin Nuumed are true to their word, the patch of brittle hair on Oscar's back softened back down to silky, soft normality and no more rubs occurred using my friends Half Wool Quilt Griffin Numnah. I soon purchased my own and have taken it on many sweaty rides this Summer and even today, in October we came back hot and damp but the saddle patch where the wool lays is always clean and dry, irritation free. 

The Griffin Nuumed range have velcro tabs to secure their numnahs in place to their the girth or d-ring - type dependant - and girth loops to ensure a safe fit and they have a useful size guide online:
Small: 15" - 15.5"
Medium: 16" - 16.5"
Large: 17 - 17.5"
X Large: over 17.5" 
Specialist sizing/saddles: Griffin Nuumed would be happy to discuss personal requirements via their made to measure service.
Cost: £63.25

Oscar and I have a 17" saddle and wear a Large and the fit is perfect, I would love to add the Original Wool Numnah from Griffin Nuumed to my collection too, it is fully wool lined and my half wool lined one can be wet beneath where the wool I know they work, one is on my wishlist. 
Dear Santa...

 Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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