My Dressage Square - Lemieux ProSport Dressage Square Suede

Due to transport it isn't often I get the opportunity to compete, however I couldn't resist the Lemieux ProSport Dressage Square in suede from their Luxury Dressage collection, I have owned it over a year now and I am proud to say it has had a handful of happy outings. I am always excited to pull it out of storage (as it's washed and wrapped away after each use) and it just feels gorgeous both on and off the horse.

The ProSport Dressage Square in suede is beautifully soft to touch and in white it dazzles with a pearly sheen. Horse Health describe the pad as having a dense feel, which is does, there is no fluffy padding and it moulds to the horse giving a close contact. The underside is a towelling flannel that absorbs sweat and minimises friction and again this is soft, Oscar has remained comfortable in it on some very warm days. 

Being white, the pad comes home decorated with brown saddle, girth and boot marks, regular readers may remember I featured this pad on a blog some time back when I trialled a Pet Hair Wash Bag and epically failed, almost breaking our washing machine in the process!! Since that unfortunate experience I have continued washing my saddle pads and bandages in a tub trug in the garden and this pad responds brilliantly to that method, coming up as new after each wash, the only negative is it takes a long time to dry due to it's material - to those of you with horsey washing machines, I am envious.

The Lemieux ProSport Dressage Square has velcro d-rings and a swan neck design for the perfect fit with the signature girth protection area and finally a hugely important factor for me, Lemieux's sensitivity rating for this pad is a one, suitable for sensitive skinned horses.

Cost: £39.95

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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