Amelia Jane London - PomPom Hat Silk

After one too many happy years together I recently traded in my Champion Skull Cap for a new riding helmet, and that meant transferring my trusty pink star silk over. What I hadn't realised until it came to taking it off is how torn and untidy it had become...I think it's on year 9, so I've definitely had my monies worth and I decided to purchase a new one...

My choice was an Amelia Jane London navy hat silk with a fur pompom, it's the cutest! There are ten gorgeous hat silk colours to choose from and the pompoms are detachable. I chose navy for convenience as I use it for all disciplines - it even came to dressage with me on Sunday, just unpopping the pompom with no hassle of changing silks.

The silks are cotton lined and due to my OCD nature I had to iron it before shaping it over my hat, the fit was perfect and true to size! I have also worn it in pouring rain and although my pompom resembled a pomeranian after a bath, it soon puffs up as good as new once it is dry!

The hat silks come in three sizes:
Small - to fit hats up to 55cm
Medium - to fit hats 56 - 58cm - this is my size
Large - to fit hats 59cm +
And cost £30.

Amelia Jane London also sell these cool woolly PomPom hats too...perfect for this coming Winter - I love mine!

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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