My Fabulous FlipBelt

Ask yourself the question; what do I carry when I ride my horse out?

My answer; my phone...possibly a tissue, totally depends on how many pockets I have on that day!? Not the most mature and sensible answer I could give, but it's an honest one. During the Summer months my phone lives down my breeches, I've known friends stash them in their bras but sadly I don't have a big enough cup size for an iPhone so my knickers have to make do!
Now ask yourself...what should I take when I hack my horse out?

My answer; PHONE...preferably with enough battery life, tissues, potentially some cash/debit card, a hoof pick, some bailer twine - in event of rein, bridle breakage! Horse treats and sugary human treats - please note my list isn't extensive, but it works for the hacks I ride of 10-15 miles - no picnics, torches, compasses or maps required!

When I saw the FlipBelt I knew it would be perfect for equestrians, equally as it's current main stream market of fitness enthusiasts. FlipBelt's have no bulk or bounce to them therefore feel invisible, it is the comfortable solution to carrying all of your essentials.

My FlipBelt is invisible under my body protector and I can't think of a better bounce test than galloping across Summer stubble fields!

The FlipBelt can be worn where you find it most comfortable...many of you will liken this to getting the right pair of breeches, some of us like a high waist others a low rise. The pockets can be left facing outwards or for additional security the belt can be flipped inwards to keep the pocket sleeves close to your body, there is no right or wrong. 

Once you're happy and the FlipBelt is in place, it won't budge, I love this feature...I have trotted along roads and uneven terrain in my FlipBelt and it's true to it's word, it doesn't bounce or jangle around, I've also cantered out my seat and jumped it in and it is unnoticeable - gone are the days of handing my phone to my trainer, friend or leaving it at the side of the ménage, hoping for no rain, no falling off, no important phone calls and NO forgetting it after my ride!

The FlipBelt is made from a wicking fabric to keep you comfortable, dry and chafe free - 92% polyester and 8% spandex, it is feather light and super stretchy with a small key clip inside one of the pockets for increased security. And when it gets stinky, it can easily be popped in the washing machine on a cold cycle. FlipBelt's size guide is superb and can be found here - I wear small - I am a high waisted girl (can't have my back catching a chill can I...) and therefore wear my FlipBelt quite high around my waist.

Now for the fun part...FlipBelt's come in nine wonderfully cool colours, I chose Hot Pink...partly for road safety, I wanted something bright and my hiviz is pink and secondly...because it's PINK!

I absolutely love my FlipBelt it holds my hoof pick, bailer twine, keys, cash, phone, tissues and treats, all my essentials weightlessly and comfortably, I also think come Winter it will be ideal for the Hunting season, I am always short of secure pocket space and forever concious of bulking out my tweed too much, lumps and bumps are never flattering, the FlipBelt makes these invisible.

To purchase your FlipBelt visit EquiStead RRP £25 - FlipBelt Pree Release

Thank you for reading, Jessica & Oscar xxxx

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