Keeping Up With The Unicorns - Leovet Power Phaser Fly Spray Review

Because Unicorns should never be bothered by flies...and especially not horse eating ones!

Fly spray...we do it every year, spend heaps of money and cloud our horses in their own atmosphere of fly spray, only for them to happily roll the minute we've turned them out leaving a weak reminiscence of repellent? And so the vicious circle of spraying every 10-15 minutes returns...haha, if only!

Because of this I have almost given up fly spraying in the field and instead prioritise a quality fly rug and fly mask as protection - both to be reviewed - I haven't yet succumbed to one of those funny fly hacking out sheets....mainly because Oscar would poop himself and I can just image the looks I'd get in my village - are they in fancy dress? - therefore when hacking I still turn to the bottle and for the last three Summers I have been using Leovet's Power Phaser Fly Protection in both the spray and gel options.

Power Phaser Fly Protection is described as the 'ultimate fly protection', it works against repelling horseflies, ticks and all other nasty biting and non-biting insects, the active ingredients continue to work even when our horses perspire - banishing that boring saying of...lets have a quiet ride...I don't want to attract the flies if we get sweaty, admit it, that's all been us, zzzzzzzzzz. 

The smell is strong, almost chemically and therefore wouldn't be suitable for anyone looking for a natural spray, it advises not to inhale (as I am sure most fly spray bottles do) therefore I do not use this product on Oscar's face, I always spray down his neck and away from his head and I embrace the stink because in my opinion Power Phasher seriously works, it is the most effective repellent in both the spray and gel format I have tried and it allows Oscar and I to hack out with little bother from the insects and bugs sabotage attempts! The gel is ideal for the horses whirls, belly and legs where Oscar seems to be most sensitive, it also gives owners an alternative if their horse dislikes traditional spray bottles, which is something many are scared of. 

I buy Power Phaser from my local tack shop for around £15 but have found it cheaper online from Viovet.
And a final note to make you smile, here are my instructions to my boyfriend last week when he rode Oscar out when I was at work;

  1. Don't place the saddle too far forward 
  2. Remember his over reach boots
  3. His fly bonnet - not in sight in the photo? Must have ignored this instruction!!
  4. Spritz him with Power Phaser will make the world of difference to your ride

I am sure you'll agree I don't ask for a lot...and it was a joy to get this picture as I was sat at my desk, made me laugh out loud...three out of four ain't bad, I'd say he is a keeper!

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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