EquAmi Lunge Cavesson with Bit Straps

After one use of the EquiAmi Lunge Cavesson with Bit Straps I was left blushing at the fact I ever used to lunge off a bridle...WOW is the word and here is where I am at;

Lunging from a headcollar...yes we've all done it, I often lunged off a headcollar when introducing lunging to Oscar, this meant when he or I made a mistake he didn't get socked in the mouth.

Lunging from the bridle...erm...yes, he stretches down onto the bit, he accepts the bit but when that difficult rein gets a little wayward and a circle drifts into an oval I am not sure how pleasant pulling on the bit must be? It also affects the position of the bit and really doesn't replicate ridden work...unless you're a lead rein pony of course?

Lunging from a headcollar, with a bridle underneath...well I could never get this right?! So much bulk, the headcollar was either be too tight or too loose and it would drop down his nose causing hysterical head tossing! Not to mention the fuss when you want to change reins, que de weaving and re weaving lunge line!

Lunging from a lunge cavesson, fabulous for changing reins...but I work Oscar in a bridle and I like to see him stretching down to the bit when we lunge, plus with lunging aids such as a Pessoa or EquAmi a bit is required.

Are you all nodding in agreement? Thought so.

I fell upon the EquiAmi Lunge Cavesson with Bit Straps as I researched various types of lunging aid and was completely besotted with not just the EquiAmi aid but the lunge cavesson too - I had to order one; it describes itself perfectly as the "modern version of an old classic" it is flatter, lighter and softer than many traditional lunge cavessons, with adjustable loops to quickly and easily attach and alter the bit. These features along with it's design provide a better fit, minimal movement meaning no rubs or pinching, an extra wide noseband for increased comfort and more room for the eyes was designed in house by EquiAmi and is made in England from high quality strong, yet soft webbing. A piece of equipment they are extremely proud of.

The EquiAmi Lunge Cavesson cost £38.00 and comes in black with smart gold buckles and sizes range from; pony/cob/full and the beauty of EquiAmi being the creator means that Dr Hilary Bentley (MD Dr Hilary Bentley BSc (Hons), MA, PhD) is only a phone call or e-mail away to query anything such as sizing. I chose Cob size for Oscar (15hh connemara - wears Cob size bridle). 

My final paragraph has to be...
Lunging from an EquiAmi Lunge Cavesson with Bit Straps, it is like mixing the above four methods together and the result can only be described as harmony! 

Oscar accepted the head piece immediately, once it was on it was super easy to adjust the length of the bit in his mouth, I clipped the lunge line to the middle cavesson ring and he worked beautifully and has done since. When using the bridle I was always concious not to interfere but even being concious and having the best intentions had an affect on his work, and this is something I hadn't realised until using EquiAmi's cavesson. Now Oscar is still in his head consistently on the lunge and really stretches down onto his the basic Parelli training we did all those years ago has paid off because I can now stand in the middle, ask him to stop and change the rein all while keeping my feet in the same position - some might call that lazy but I see it as better use of our time in the school and as this cavesson requires no alterations it enables you to break away from the hassle of changing reins and we've gone from changing it a maximum of 4 times (6 at a push) per session to a whopping 12 making lunging much more fun and interesting for us both. Lunging has definitely felt like more of a pleasure and less of a chore since I discovered EquiAmi.

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx