Bossy's Bibs Review

I thought I owned a hardy Connemara pony not a sensitive thoroughbred, therefore you can imagine my surprise when I removed Oscar's latest fly rug to reveal a rub on his shoulder. This would be the same rug that gets pulled forwards in a morning before work and removed at an evening to ride, groom, play ponies etc...

Once I got over myself, - this took some time; "how could I let this happen" - "but he is a native?" - "oh my goodness what will people think of me" - " will it get infected" - "I hope he isn't in pain" - "will I EVER be able to rug again" get the idea? I decided to clean the area, I bathed the area with cotton wool pads soaked in lukewarm salt water and once dry generously coated the area in Derma Gel - a true favourite of mine I really should write about. 

The rub was healing wonderfully but I was competing in 7 days and getting up at 4am to bath on the morning was not an option available to me - the joys of owning a grey - I knew I wouldn't rug up as couldn't risk the rub worsening, my vanity of wanting a clean horse would not be at his discomfort. I also had the option of keeping him stabled the night before but knew I'd arrive to a stressed lonely horse and I'd rather be greeted by a happy content horse in his normal routine, plus I could bet money I'd still have poo stains to contend with! So I set about researching anti-rub bibs, I'd heard of them in the past but smugly assumed I'd never need one, so taken little notice.

Bossy's Bibs stood out as market leaders in effective prevention and cure for rug rubs, they can be worn under stable and turnout rugs and are designed to protect the shoulders, chest and withers. Bossy's Bibs sounded too simple...could this solve my problem and I could bath and rug up Saturday night before our show? Not one to waste money I e-mailed Bossy's Bibs, I included a thorough explanation - I must scream OVER PROTECTIVE equine mum - with close up pictures and their advise regarding the fit. I received a reply in less than 24 hours, reassuring me their product would be comfortable for Oscar to wear and offered I call them to discuss sizing as the build of the horse needs to be taken into account when choosing, they have an impressive 9 off the shelf sizes to order and will make to measure if your geegee doesn't fit the mould.

Bossy's Bibs are made from a specially selected tightly woven silky smooth fabric and act as a barrier between the rug and hair/skin underneath. They are breathable too so the hair will grow back in already rubbed areas. The bibs are simple to fit, sliding quickly and easily over the head (velcro options are available for head shy horses) and can be popped into the washing machine on a 40 degree wash, drying very quickly to ensure hygiene is simple to maintain. 

I rang to discuss sizing, placed my order costing £23 plus £1.90 UK shipping costs and the bib arrived the following day. The Small/Full size was recommended and fits Oscar perfectly, I have to confess I was a little scared on Saturday night as I'd left the area bare since it happened but I worried for nothing before the next morning Oscar was happy and comfortable, no heat, no sensitivity, no sign of any rubbing - ahhhh, happy sigh of relief and he has since worn his Bossy's Bib successfully and even some hair is now growing back.

I recommend Bossy's Bibs 100% and come Winter I will be purchasing one of their Mane Guards as Oscar always suffers with a rubbed mane and now I've learnt we don't have to!

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx