Shed Flower, the Bloom that Grooms

The Shed Flower is my favourite new grooming tool, it's shaped like a flower head making it 1) pretty, 2) easy to hold and feather light in weight, it's also fabulously good at doing as it promises...being a Bloom that Grooms as it's suitably sharp plastic teeth do an excellent job of removing dirt and hair - not to mention the amazing horsey scratches it gives! 

I have used this often on Oscar's legs and saddle patch to encourage that final bit of Winter coat to shed and after one long stroke it gives you that satisfying collection of hair, easily tapped away to start over again! A must for those of you with woolly ponies! 

The Shed Flower comes in a range of cool colours and cost £6.50 from Horse Health, I think it's the most perfect fun present for any horse lover!

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx