My Personalised Riding Whip

My Personalised ProCrush Riding Whip has to be one of the coolest and most thoughtful gifts I have ever received, thanks Mummy C! The whip was from Old Mill Saddlery and is the same whip the Pentathlon riders used during the London 2012 Olympics, alongside it being the choice of many eventers! 

I don't often use a whip on Oscar, as he is extremely sensitive and can become really upset but out hacking and across country I find them invaluable, if I'm cantering and I know he'll look at something such as a gateway...mole hill...or invisible monster I will rest it against his shoulder, so he knows it's there and secondly, gates! I rely on my whip a lot when opening and closing gates, and there are a lot around us, I see it as an extended arm!

ProCrush is a patented type of whip and is mandatory for all jump jockeys in the UK and USA, ProCrush has increased safety and humanity standards as it encourages performance without inflicting injury, it can also be used in all other equestrian disciplines and measures 26" inches, the cushioned end being 12" inches. The handle is specially wrapped creating a secure and comfortable grip - this did take some getting used to as it is chunkier than the thinner whips I had been used to riding with - and the stem comes in a huge range of colours to compliment your cross-country colours perfectly!! And finally, your can have whatever personalisation you wish, Mum chose our names, Jessica & Oscar in navy blue ensuring it was discrete in case it wasn't my cup of tea, but I am in LOVE, you can even add a GB flag! Is it wrong to start a collection....?

The whip cost £47.95

Thank you for reading, Jessica & Oscar xxxx

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