Mark Todd Air Mesh Combo Fly Rug Review

My Mark Todd Air Mesh Combo Fly Rug comes out of storage a little earlier than most other peoples fly rugs, it helps in my battle to help keep Oscar squeaky clean on the crisp dewy Spring mornings that grow into warm sunny days - I will not let those damp green green grass stains get the better of me! I should mention this to Sir Mark Todd as the rug is described as "multi-purpose" protecting against insect bites and the sun...add wet dewy Spring grass to that list please! 

Sleepy mice, zzzzzzzz

The rug has a cotton upper panel covering the top of the poll, over the body and finishing at the tail flap, this is a natural fabric, ensuring it is soft, comfortable and cool for the horse. The cotton is then combined with a woven mesh fabric under the neck, around the shoulder gussets and under the belly for air flow to circulate. 

The neck is generous, it has never once rubbed or felt tight on Oscar, or Briefcase an off the track racehorse who stole the rug from him last Summer, this means even when the horses have their heads down for most of the day grazing they remain comfortable and protected as it still covers where it needs to. This fastens securely with a velcro tab and three plastic click-able neck tabs. 

Moving onto the body, the rug fastens with velcro and two front hook and loop buckles, I have a love hate relationship here...I love that the velcro hasn't ever rubbed Oscar, I hate that there are two buckles and no quick release me lazy but buckles feel like such as effort.....laaazzzzzyyyy pants, I hear you cry! And onto the shoulders, they're lined with nylon to avoid rubs which have never been a problem in this rug, and I love it's big roomy shoulder gussets, allowing air flow and ease of movement. And were time is wasted fastening and unfastening the front buckles it is most definitely saved on the belly flap as it is three velcro tabs, this enables one size to fit many! Onto the derri√®re, this is covered by a cotton tail flap with two clip on adjustable leg straps to keep everything in place.

I mentioned above that one size fits many, Oscar is 15.1hh and wears a 5'9 comfortably, he is a lightweight native and the Mark Todd Air Mesh Combo Fly Rug is true to size and not a generous fit so if you're unsure whether to go up or down a size, go up. This leads me onto how Oscar lost his rug to Briefcase last Summer, it must have been one of the hottest Summers I can remember here in Great Britain and I have to confess the Mark Todd Air Mesh Fly Rug was just too much for a Connemara, Oscar is like his mum and keeps a vest on....just in case a breeze comes along and sadly he was too hot wearing it! Although during 2013 Oscar wore it comfortably all Summer, yes you read that right, 2015 is this rugs third season without any repairs and many successful washes - it's a serious tough cookie! This made my battle against the flies more difficult...they'll be a few more fly rugs reviews to follow...

However this meant that when the flies began to attack our beautiful thoroughbred on his Summer holiday with us it seemed only right to pass it down to him, at 16.2hh the 5'9 fitted him perfectly, don't ask me how...the velcro belly straps maybe? And being a thin skinned thoroughbred with a fine coat he relished the hot Summer, happy and fly free in his Mark Todd Air Mesh Combo Fly Rug never breaking into a sweat, content in the sunshine. The true meaning of horses for courses and this is definitely the right rug for my horse at the right time of year and something for you to consider when you're shopping for your perfect fly rug....if there is such a thing!

I purchased my rug online almost three years ago, and I have found it for the reasonable price of £46.99 from the Old Diary Saddlery.

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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