Courtlea Numnahs Rein Sleeves

Spring 2015 has officially arrived, the longer days mean more hours of sunlight and our gee-gee's Summer coats are finally starting to peek through, shedding their thick Winter woolliness! For some horse owners this transition can result in rubs appearing everywhere and anywhere; from boots, spurs, rugs, saddles, pads, reins - the list could go on. Unfortunately I am a horse owner who experiences rubs, because of this I ensure when I groom (daily) I take note of Oscar's skin, observing for any changes and considering what factors could have contributed to the change and how to prevent the rub worsening.

Early in Winter 2014, Oscar's reins were chaffing against his freshly clipped coat and I noticed a change in his skin. Friends had recommended sheepskin rein sleeves, although with owning such a spooky pony I wasn't 100% sure they'd be right for us, however I was introduced to Courtlea Numnahs who supply them at £15.50 and decided they'd be worth a try - not the most amount of money to loose. 

The rein sleeves come in three sizes; Pony 6", Horse 8" & 10". Oscar is 15hh, he wears the 8" and four colours; Ivory, Cream, Dark Brown and Black, we own Dark Brown.

The rein sleeves are made from pure sheepskin and fasten with Velcro, to keep them in place I wrapped the rein sleeve around a flattened martingale stopper, this takes a bit of skill but once in place shouldn't move, some people leave them to move but for my safety (& it seemed to make sense) I like mine to stay put lined up to the area my reins affected. Thankfully Oscar never took a dislike to them and I instantly noticed his coat go back to normal on his neck within a week and since I have ridden in them all Winter, definitely getting my £15.50's worth and they've been an excellent purchase and are made from the softest, most fluffy, delicious sheepskin. They're hard not to love!

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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