Snuggy Hood - HeadlessWaterproof Horse Hood

Snuggy Hoods...owners love them, the idea of putting my horse in a fleecey sheep onesie from head to toe makes me go weak at the knees - awwwwww, he looks so cute - in reality, I can imagine horses hate these things, but phah to dare they roll in mud?! 

Therefore, when the Snuggy Hoods, Headless Waterproof Horse Hood went into the sale for £36 including P&P, I jumped at the chance to try one. Owning a grey it has always been on my wish list, but I found it hard to justify the price as Snuggy Hood items are expensive.

The Headless Waterproof Horse Hood comes as a pull on item (over their head) or with a zip, I choose the pull on option, which Oscar took to extremely well - much to my surprise - just make sure you're in a stable if possible because you have to take their head collar off, or leave it fastened around their neck and pull it back over the head and neck. It's aim is to keep your horse as clean as possible without the worry of covering their face - you can buy an additional Turn Out Weatherproof Horse Head to wear alongside this if required. This is why the Headless Hood option was perfect for me, as much as I love the idea of keeping Oscar sparkling white and mud free, covering his head worries me, he is turned out 8-6 when I am at work and I'd hate for the hood to move and rub his eyes or affect his vision, he would also panic and as he is in group turnout they often nip and play and it wouldn't take a lot for the hood to get pulled out of place. They don't call me Safe Sally for no reason...

The Headless Waterproof Horse Hood can be used both inside and out, in rain, shine or snow, under any stable or turnout rug. It is constructed of fully breathable, robust, machine washable fabric and lined with a seamless, shiny fabric throughout the mane and shoulder area. The hood is elasticated and adjustable around the top of the neck and cut extra long so it sits securely behind the ears, even when the neck is extended down to graze. And this is the only feature I found to be ineffective, Oscar has worn it inside and out, in rain, sunshine and snow and it has lived up to every expectation, however once put in place, fastened and Oscar is turned out for the day or put to bed at night, on my return the hood has always fallen down his neck by 5/10 inches and the elastic is tight. When I pull it back up I can almost see the relief on his face that something isn't restricting his neck any more. This somewhat defeats the object of the hood as once the neck has slid back it exposes his mane and neck to dirt and mud! I tried tightening the velcro around his neck/throat more and more and the same thing continued to happen and it started to cause a rub on his neck where the velcro had bothered his skin during the day. For this reason, our Headless Waterproof Horse Hood has been short lived. I will only now use it before outings when Oscar has been washed and prepped to help keep stable stains at bay. 

In relation to the above, I considered whether or not I purchased the correct size, but the Snuggy Hood website size guide is outstanding, they stock sizes from XXXS to XXL and next to each size give you an idea of the type of breed it would suit, i.e. Oscar was a M/L

M/L-Around 15.2hh, SHP, Small TB, Small Highland, Fell, Anglo Arab, Sec D Connemara Cob-Full Bridle. Usually wearing 6'0" to 6'3" Rug
In addition to their excellent size guide they also have a detailed sizing video:

Hindsight led me to look at the hoods with the inbuilt head; Turn Out Weatherproof Horse Hood and this would stop the hood from slipping down as it goes over the head, and if I was home throughout the day and my horse was visible in the paddock, I wouldn't think twice to paying £75/£80 for one of these, as the quality the hood excellent, and they do their job, sadly, this particular product just isn't right for Oscar and I at the moment.

Roll on Spring...

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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