LeMieux WrapRound Lambskin Over Reach Boot

This morning, as I tacked Oscar up...which involves oh so much more than just a saddle and bridle, my dad laughed at Oscar's fluffy boots - the LeMieux WrapRound Lambskin Over Reach Boots - I jokingly call them his Ugg boots, but in truth they're well used in Winter and aren't just for's just a coincidence that they look super cute, I promise. 

I use them because Oscar needs to wear over reach boots, both in the field and when ridden, and because the entrance to our paddock is muddy, on evenings when I ride I have to wash Oscar's legs off before I bandage and boot up. I towel dry his hair but due to his breed and that I leave his legs unclipped in Winter (only tidying with the Skylark Trimmer) they are never fully dry and the lambskin collar of the boot boot ensures he isn't rubbed.

The design of the boot is similar to our hardy leather LeMieux boots, I've previously blogged about;
The outer leather shell and easy WrapRound design are the same on both boots, making them quick to whip on and off, and the lambskin collar is made from the softest Merino wool - Oscar wears Large in these (to cover his tall feet).

Sizes: Medium > XXL
Price: £39.95
Colours: Black/White/Brown - natural wool

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx