Keeping Up With The Unicorns - Bring Me My Bathrobe & Slippers

Who else feels guilty washing their horses mane in Winter? I am confident all those who have shown their hands, like me, have no access to hot water or heat lamps at their yard! Therefore my usual rigmarole is to boil the kettle numerous times *queue extreme boredom* I am literally waiting for the kettle to boil over and over - filling the time by sweeping the yard, carrot stretches with Oscar, staring at my watch etc..etc..

Once I have enough hot water and have successfully soaped and de-soaped Oscar's mane (I plug in the hair-dryer...ha ha, if only), I towel dry it and give him time in the stable to dry off before I can even consider putting a neck rug back on him for the night. Again, this is a timely process - mane washing is the easy part.

Therefore when the long awaited Ooteman Sale commenced and I found a fleece complete with full neck for a mere £26.35 I had to have it, it's about time the boy owned a bathrobe
Where are my slippers...?

The fleece is by Ooteman's own brand; Vantaggio and it is the first time I have purchased from this range. I have shopped at Ooteman many times, their stock is competitively priced (especially so when the pound is stronger than the euro), they have the best brands for sale and although postage can be pricey, items always arrive within 5 days by courier. 

The fleece is described as a cooler and is made from good quality anti-pill material, with a full neck, it fastens with front buckles, cross belly surcingles and detachable leg straps. The chest and mane area is lined with smooth fabric to avoid rubs and chafing and the neck closes with three velcro tabs plus three additional tabs around the head to attach the headcollar to avoid the rug slipping - I chose not to do this as Oscar only wears a headcollar to be led - although even when worn overnight it has not slipped down his neck, it fits perfectly. And is machine washable, love it!

Once it arrived, that night I hot clothed Oscar, washed his mane - let him have a shake of his head/neck, it's our ritual - popped his mane over to the correct side (spritz of mane and tail conditioner, of course) and placed the fleece on. I was immediately taken with the beautiful fit, I found the detachable leg straps useful too, something I miss on fleeces as they don't usually have them and finished off my jobs, the fleece did a fantastic job of wicking away the moisture and for the first time I wasn't concerned about Oscar catching a chill.

Oscar has even worn this rug overnight as an under rug, yes it did resemble one big shaving flake the next day but quickly and easily brushed off, for it's price it is an exceptional rug, a purchase I'm very very happy with. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from the Vantaggio brand again.

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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