Equi-Theme Exercise Sheet - Does My Bum Look Big?

Those of you who follow my blog will know how much I love a good weather statistic and January 2015's information surprised me, the UK mean temperature was 3.7 degrees celcius - I'd argue that it felt far chiller than that Mr Weatherman!

This leads me nicely onto my Equi-Theme bottom warmer, officially known as an exercise sheet that I have been loving this Winter, I purchased it early November 2014 and it's had more outings than I ever could have anticipated. The exercise sheet is from the Stripe Collection (hence it's stripes...), I chose chocolate/beige/sand and purchased it from eBay costing no more than £22.00 including P&P.

The exercise sheet is made from anti-pill fleece polyester with wicking properties to take away any moisture from the horses skin, keeping them dry and comfortable when ridden. It has a fillet string at the back and a velcro tab over the withers to keep the sheet in place; I ordered a cob size (Oscar is 15hh) because I didn't want excess material flapping around when we rode, however I have found this to be too small in length and can't fasten the velcro. Instead I place each side under my saddle flap as shown in the pictures below, I have schooled, hacked and cantered and it has always stayed securely in place and it's super easy to remove once warmed up. 

The Equi-Theme exercise sheet is fantastic for the price, a great addition to my tack room for those 'FRESH' days, I 100% recommend them!

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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