Pikeur Lucinda Grip Cork-Shell Breeches

For many Winters I have lusted after a pair of soft shell breeches, admiring them at every equestrian event I attended and trying them on in numerous country pursuit shops but there has always been one problem...the price, you don't get much change from £150! 

I fell upon the Pikeur Lucinda Grip Cork-Shell Breeches by accident - honestly, this wasn't planned, promise - a local tack shop had a 20% off event in the run up to Christmas and I went with the intention of treating myself to something...que giddy excitement! I entered the changing room with numerous fleeces, gilets, the odd coat and as I waited in line, I had breech-envy as a girl tried on the Pikeur breeches in question, I forfeited my place in the queue and dashed to grab a pair! 

The Lucinda breeches from Pikeur are a classic design, they're based on the Lagunas (if you know your Pikeur, you'll know what I mean) a smart, classic design, however the Lucinda's feature a slightly lower waist - but not hipsters, I can't cope with my lower back exposed in winter...oh my, I sound 80! The following sentences may well confirm I am actually 80...the thing I love most is the inner material, I am a cold person, such a cold person I have to psych myself up before I get undressed, in the shower...out the shower, putting my bare naked legs into cold breeches isn't something I look forward to - yes, I am that looser who lays everything out the night before on their radiator. These are emotions I never experience when stepping into the Pikeur Soft-Shell breeches, the inside is a soft, fluffy fleece, with the full seat of cork-shell providing up to 50% more insulation due to it's excellent natural properties. The outer soft-shell material repels water and dirt with these beading off the breeches.

Apart from being incredibly warm and cosy, they're secure, the cork-shell full seat has Schoeller GRIPit technology - that's what the little shiny ovals on the seat are - GRIPit is a transparent coating that lends fabric good gripping ability, offering more security in the saddle - needless to say I haven't fallen off in them yet. And as with all Pikeur items they look beautiful, they have the Pikeur logo on the side, the lower leg is fitted and elasticated to reduce any bulkiness around your ankle and worth every single penny I paid, these were £140 in the shop, £112 with the 20% discount.

Exploring with the Unicorn on Exmoor over the Christmas holidays, you can just see the bright white logo on my leg - PIKEUR

For Winter, I recommend everyone owns a pair of soft-shell breeches, chilblains definitely wont be a problem if you wear these. 
I have lived in mine since November and they probably won't be leaving my legs until May!!

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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