2015 Wishlist

Daydreaming on a long car journey over the festive season I put together a wishlist for the coming twelve months of 2015, it's full of fun, glitz and glamour with the occasional hint of practicality...Oscar and I would love to put these items through their paces and hopefully finances will allow and we'll be lucky enough to test a few...

  1. Thermatex Quarter Rug - for those chilly days, I don't own a quarter sheet...but each time I remove rugs from a freshly clipped Oscar to ride I wonder just how fresh he will be, and I wish I owned one...and again, once I'm on...I wish I owned one, I have this vision that a quarter sheet will equal no bucking -  must share this with Thermatex, could be a clever marketing campaign; "Keeping Oscar's bum warm, and Jessica's firmly in the saddle". I could purchase any old bum warmer (officially titled exercise sheet) and it would be much cheaper than a Thermatex but after my admiration for their Quilted Leg Wraps I can justify the £££'s and they look so pretty and professional - all the gear...
  2. Equilibrium Massage Pad - I love the mitt, read my review here and you'll understand why I am lusting after a massage pad too.
  3. Mac Wet Gloves - 'all grib, no slip' technology, fantastic marks to the marketing team. I enjoy everything I read about these gloves, although I haven't seen any in shops and that's probably the only reason I don't own any...although I know my size, just avoid browsing online as I'd have a pair in each coloured sneakily making their way into my shopping basket
  4. Jin Stirrups - please take a look, they're known for their revolutionary design and are incredibly lightweight, coming in an incredible colour range...the dressage diva in me loves the precious stirrup
  5. Turn Out Weatherproof Hood - Snuggy Hoods are one of the brands who offer these hoods and they sponsor Mary King, an immediate thumbs up from me...I am cautious of horses wearing these hoods in the field due to safely reasons, getting them trapped or if they move and irritate etc...however in my campaign to Keep Up With The Unicorns I'd like to try one in my battle against the blasted mud!
  6. Celeris UK, Long Riding Boots - the Passage, no the, no the Bia....I can't decide on my favourite, they're all so luscious! I was fortunate enough to win a Facebook "Like & Share" competition for a pair of bespoke jodphur boots from Celeris and I'm currently noting my thoughts for a blog post later in the year but I can let you in on a secret, I'm a little bit in love with them
  7. Veredus Magnetik Boots -  from boots for me, to boots for Oscar...Oscar was a seasoned Irish hunter before coming to me for the next chapter in his life and this has taken a toll on his body...therefore after extensive research I'd love a set of four Veredus Magnetik boots, the only thing that's stopping me is the price tag, at a £124.95 a pair...they're not cheap
  8. Equine Magnetix Horse Rug - continuing with the magnetic theme, if Oscar is having boots, he needs magnetic body therapy too and with the price tag of the Veredus rug being even more eye watering than the boots, I've done a lot of homework and found Equine Magnetix to be a highly recommended brand
  9. Equiture Browband - this wishlist item comes with a health warning as by clicking onto the Equiture page could turn you into a magpie, Equiture create the most beautiful browbands I have ever laid eyes on available in every shape, colour, leather, sparkle and finish you could dream of, my favourite is the green one pictured to bring luck to my Irish bog pony and I
  10. Sparkly Riding Helmet - I can't let the pony have all the sparkle can I? I have delved into the glamorous world of Shamshield, Uvex, Charles Owen and KEP, I had my heart set on a Shamshield with £200 saved towards one in the piggy bank, that was until the devastating news of revised safety standards for 2016, I am so fortunate not to have purchased one prior to them being released so I'll be keeping my eyes pealed for new releases that meet the standards coming onto the market this year
  11. LeMieux Four Seasons Rug - because who doesn't want a rug for all four seasons, hence the name and it looks stunning
  12. Equipilates Studio Session - something you may not know about me, I'm pilates obsessed!! I have been training weekly with a pilates instructor for over a year, making notes on the benefits it has on my body and riding ability and I am fascinated by it therefore I hope to enjoy a session with Lindsay Wilcox-Reid in 2015.
Re-reading the above is overwhelming and if I only get to purchase one product on my wishlist in 2015 I will be a very lucky girl and Oscar, a very lucky pony...but we have to dream because without a dream, how can things ever come true?

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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