SealSkinz, Saviour Of Sore Hands

This isn't the first time I have spoken about my poor circulation...and most definitely won't be the last as keeping warm and cosy is my key to happiness (and not just when I am at the yard, this is in life - I am sat curled up in my pyjamas and duvet as I type), and once my hands and/or feet are cold, that's it! I am cold...and I am sad.

Although last Winter and the beginning of Winter 2014 hasn't been our coldest, my SealSkinz gloves are still something I couldn't live without, they're waterproof, durable, breathable and come in slim fit for women...need I continue with the superlatives? 

I wear the women's all weather riding glove in a size medium, their size guide online is excellent if you're unsure of your perfect fit and they cost £40. I find them too bulky to school in, I personally like to closely feel the reins but they'd be comfortable to hack out in on extremely cold days although I haven't ever worn them for this, but they're glued to my hands for every yard chore, I can wash buckets, pick out feet, push wheelbarrows up the hill and open metal gates, all without noticing the harsh effects of Winter on my hands.

 Taking photos outdoors...never easy when you've got so much hair...!!!

SealSkinz have over 30 years experience of developing and manufacturing outdoor extremity products, and so is their success, they now partner with some of the worlds greatest athletes, ranging from runners to skiers, explorers with a thirst for adventure and us crazy equestrian lot! After thoroughly researching the brand, I realised their success is down to the creator feeling the pain of poor circulation and therefore invented a product to prevent the cold getting in - John Logie Baird was meeting our needs when he created his first SealSkinz product, a waterproof sock in 1914 this resulted in minimising the risk of trench foot in the troops. This wonderful man also went on to invent the first television and had a very comfortable retirement I am sure. 

With the possibility of a white Christmas, these are definitely a must have for every equestrian.

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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