NAF Himalayan Salt Lick

I don't believe in edible stable toys for two reasons, firstly...I am one of lives born worriers, I worry even when there isn't anything to worry about? So the thought of leaving a toy in my horses stable that could be trodden on and leave sharp plastic debris or worse, chewed and swallowed leaves me in a hot sweat. And secondly, because Oscar's temperament is largely dictated by his diet, feed the wrong type of hay and he turns into a leaping Lipizzaner never mind a sugar filled stable toy, treat or lick, therefore the only thing I do allow is a NAF Himalayan Salt Lick.

For anyone who doesn't know, salt, sodium, Na, whatever you choose to call it is vital for every equine diet, it acts as a basic electrolyte. Electrolyte minerals dissolve into the bloodstream and have the capacity to conduct energy to support normal nerve and muscle function, the brain relies on electrical signals for communication. It can also encourage horses to intake more water, which increases urination, keeping everything working nicely, balancing sodium:potassium levels and a hydrated horse is less likely to suffer from colic, so please ensure clean, fresh, room temperature water is always available.

 Yum, yum, yum...

A sign your horse may lack salt in his diet is licking and/or chewing wood, metal, dirt, your hands etc. and I understand a lick alone will not give Oscar all the salt he needs, plus too much licking of this would make his tongue sore, but it's something I have always given him and he has a nightly ritual of mouth full of food, followed by a lick of his salt...and repeat, however the best way to get salt into your horses diet is a generous spoonful of salt in their dinner - introduced gradually. But, if you need a healthy, boredum breaker, or just fancy treating your horse to something new I'd 100% recommend the NAF Himalayan Salt Lick, a small one lasts me 2-3 months and costs just £3.82 and I am never ever without one, for equal health and horse entertainment reasons.

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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