The Myler Comfort Snaffle

When I first met Oscar he was a freshly clipped, fit Irish Connemara, who for my safety - after explaining that I was shopping for my 'FIRST' horse - the dealer chose to put in a two ring dutch gag for our first ride and I agree this was the right thing to do for us as the seller did not know me or my riding ability.

The bit Oscar was in when we first met, Two Ring Dutch Gag, single jointed:

When we met again a few days later I  requested to ride Oscar in a snaffle (it was a simple, single jointed loose ring snaffle). I was and still am of the opinion that if our relationship means we have to over bit for general riding activities we need to stop and assess a) what the problem is and  b) whether we're right for one another. Oscar obviously wasn't wild as he came home with me a few days later...
And because Oscar is a pampered pet, not a competition horse I get enjoyment from knowing he is happy and comfortable when we are spending time together, therefore a simple snaffle mouth has always been a priority.

I immediately went online and researched snaffles, concerned re the nutcracker action of the single jointed bits I wanted a lozenge...I read reviews, forums and stocked up on product information finally settling on the Neue Schule Verbindend Loose Ring Snaffle £56.75; this bit is described as promoting action through the shoulder, acceptance of contact, self carriage and thoroughness. I didn't even trial it, it had to be right, I couldn't find anything wrong with it and at the time it was a popular bit with many positive reviews! I confidently tacked Oscar up with his new bit, which he chomped and chomped and chomped on. I stuck with it...he continued to chomp...and toss his head...a lot. To the point it unbalanced me when I rode him and I noticed the lozenge was full of teeth marks and scratches after only using it for 1/2 weeks. People kept telling me...stick with it. But, just to put my mind as rest I bought an unbranded Loose Ring Snaffle, this turned out to be the best £10 I'd ever spent! It was hollow, therefore super light and settled Oscar immediately, thankfully I sold my NS Verbindend for £30 to a friend so didn't loose out completely and she gets on with it wonderfully. 
After a few months wearing the simple snaffle I went to a local show with a girl who liveried close to my yard, we'd ridden together a few times and she always rode bit-less however to compete in the working hunter classes she had to ride her horse with a bit and chose the Myler Loose Ring Comfort Snaffle and had nothing but positive words about it.

This time I trialled the bit first as Myler's aren't cheap bits, I can't remember which company I used but I trialled it for 30 days for a small payment and was sent a previously trialled bit by other clients, it came clean but I still boiled and disinfected before using it. You then have the option of returning the bit if it isn't right, as I should have done with the NS, thus saving money. Or, if the bit is right you can return it, pay an additional fee and have a brand new bit sent.
An example of the type of website I used: The Horse Bit Shop / Horse Bit Bank

3rd time lucky, although the top one is still in my tack room - for emergencies

The Myler Loose Ring Comfort Snaffle £58.50 is a sweet iron mouthpiece with copper inserts which helps to keep horses mouths soft, the wrap around the link ensures no pinching of the tongue. It is a slim bit that allows independent side movement, and during this search for perfection I have learnt to read a horses mouth, how low is their pallet? How big is their tongue? As Oscar has a low pallet and big tongue, typical in connemaras and ponies the NS lozenge annoyed him, pressing on the top of his mouth, so putting the Myler in his mouth with it's slim bars and small tongue barrel must have been a hallelujah moment for Oscar.
I have used this bit for over a year now, I use it for everything, hacking, schooling, cross country and even went hunting in it although it was my first time and I didn't know how Oscar or I would take to it...fair to say it was fast and I couldn't really hold him in this bit, but that isn't really what is it designed for! Overall I have control most of the time...and Oscar is happy, light, soft and responsive in it. An easy choice for me.

Thank you for reading, Jessica & Oscar xxxx