Shires Tempest Original 100 Turnout Rug

The search was....
"A rug for those changeable, inbetween Autumn/Spring days"

And I first ever Shires rug, the purchase has left me wondering why it took so long!! I have been using the Tempest Original 100 Combo Turnout rug since September and have been seriously impressed with it.

Photographs taken on first day of wearing rug, ensuring it is clean and well presented for our wonderful's not dusty and brown, mud glorious muddd!

Firstly I will point out my boy isn't a proactive rug wrecker, but has been know to have rugs last less than 2 weeks on more than one occasion, enjoying serious roll-time and playing tag with his boisterous field mates on a daily basis! Because of this I was initially concious of buying a cheaper brand of rug, I'd rather spend a little more & it last longer, but struggled to find 100g rugs (that didn't cost the world **cough Amigo Bravo**), so I took the risk and purchased from R&R Country RRP £55.00.

Features...and my thoughts

  • The rug comes with and without a hood, I opted for a hood as Oscar is grey...and loves to roll! Without the hood RRP £42.00
  • 600 denier ShireTex outer shell - waterproof, breathable, ripstop
  • 100g fill
  • Fully lined for comfort, and it's very soft and cosy inside
  • Oscar is blessed with his mane, being a Connemara and true to type, but rugs have been know to rub away his mane in the past, and after regular wear of this rug there are no signs of rubbing - although please bear in mind his is not as sensitive as an Arab's mane would be for example and the rug is adjusted/changed at least once a day
  • Tail flap & fillet strap
  • The rug is secured with velcro and double clip breast clasps, and twin touch close neck straps - a must for me, I can't be doing with buckles...especially when my hands are cold or I am wearing gloves
  • Adjustable cross surcingles - a great fit
  • As it gets chillier I plan to use this as an under rug too, dual purpose!
  • shoulder gussets which I like on a rug for freedom of movement
  • And the in, long-ways. Oscar is always a 5'9/6'0, he is 15'1hh, slim build Connemara, the rug is a great vertical length but horizontally I'd like it to cover more of his bottom than it does - please note this is probably just me being an obsessive mummy! (See below, thoughts on a postcard please...)

So if you ever find yourself in the market for an 'in-between' rug, or have a good doer type that needs that little extra I would completely recommend this rug, I have been so impressed with it and wouldn't hesitate to purchase this or any other Shires rug in the future. 

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

This is the official Shires photograph for the rug, who thinks Oscar could be a double? Haha, so alike? Right down to the muddy legs!!