LeMieux WrapRound Leather Over Reach Boot

Oscar has BIG "look at ME, I'm a native pony and I love it" paces, and as beautiful as they are, it means he has a tendency to wallop himself, therefore can often be seen bandaged and booted up to avoid him hurting himself by accident, in the field cheap plastic boots do the job, but when I'm riding out I like something a little more substantial that won't snap at the furthest point of the ride if he steps on himself....clumsy, my horse? Never....

I have been using the Le Mieux WrapRound Leather Over Reach Boots (brown) for 6 months+ wearing them almost every time I have ridden, they're still in fantastic condition, (just a few scrapes where they've successfully done their job and taken an impact). The quality is exceptional, they're made from leather hide, lined with a soft neoprene type inner material that doesn't hold water or rub and after stepping on them numerous times Oscar is yet to rip a chunk out of them, even out hunting! And after wearing them for example in a muddy hunting field or even a wet sand school (when it sticks to your boots...bandages...bottom of your riding boots, ahhh...the bitter sweet of a freshly watered surface), I either brush them off with a Magic Brush or hose them down and hang them out to dry always coming back good as new - if they were ever incredibly dirty they're machine washable too.

Putting them on and taking them off is a simple and quick process with the wrap around velcro strap fastening the boots securely in place, this closure method also means the boots are easily adjusted in size to your horses feet.

Oscar has worn these boots hacking, hunting, showjumping, schooling...travelling, the list is exhausting and they're a great all round over reach boot, Oscar wears a size Large due to his high clenches and tall feet...his 16.3hh thoroughbred neighbour with wide flat feet (who Oscar recommended these boots too) also wears a size Large (and he successfully wears this for turn out to avoid pulling his shoes off as his mum was fed up of replacing her plastic ones every week and they've stood up to the test without any rubbing), therefore I'd say they're true to size and order as normal, after all we each have our own personal preferences of what areas our overreach boots need to protect depending on the horse.

Sizes: Medium > XLarge RRP £24.95
Colours: Brown/White/Black
...since I purchased mine they've also launched fluffy lambskin overreach booties in the same 'wrapround' style, they're definitely on Oscar's Christmas list.

Thank you for reading, Jessica & Oscar xxxx