The Basic Brushing Boot

The basic brushing boot that never lets me down is the Woof Wear Club Brushing Boot, retailing at £20-£22 per pair, they are a must have in every horses wardrobe and were one of the first things I purchased when I entered the world of horse ownership. I have owned my current pair 18 months and they are still going strong, even after our many what are brushing boots?
  • Brushing boots protect the inside of each leg, fore and hind, from the opposite hoof knocking into the lower leg and fetlock. As a result they run from just under the knee, down the inside of the leg and cover the fetlock and fit as so...
and why wear them...?
    • Brushing...would be the most obvious reason - Does your horse travel close when he works? Maybe you don't think he does, or just don't realise it is happening? Putting a set of boots on can be a real eye opener as you are able to hear the boots swishing together as you ride, taking the impact from the movement.
    • Protection - when lunging, loose schooling, galloping, jumping, brushing boots also offer protection in the event of your horse striking into himself or banging himself on poles/fences.
    • Hacking protection - I have heard many people use brushing boots to protect horses legs against dog bites in the event of a dog attacking a horse.
    • Road safety -  Woof Wear design a brushing boot with hiviz velcro straps, they're fantastic when riding out on the roads to help traffic spot you and your steed early.
    • Turnout - if your horse practices field gymnastics or is recovering from box rest, turning out in these boots may give you some peace of mind and help prevent injury as they bolt after the field and you watch on helpless with your heart in your mouth...humming, sttteeeaadddyyyy!!!!
    • Riding in a rush - when schooling, I prefer to bandage as I can bandage all four legs, Prince Oscar dislikes brushing boots on his back legs, mainly because he travels close behind and finds them an inconvenience brushing together, so he kicks out and bunny hops, however when in a rush without time to bandage, these are the perfect quick and easy alternative.
I am not alone in choosing this boot either as the Woof Wear Club Brushing Boot is the UK's best selling general purpose brushing boot, promising to provide maximum protection from knocks and brushing injuries and it is available in a large range of base and strap colours allowing riders to personalise their look - and what colour do I own........BLACK! 

The facts...
  • 5.5 mm PX closed cell neoprene
  • Light and flexible even when wet – does not retain water - I can vouch for this as have worn these XC many times and the boots have never been weighed down, rubbed or become uncomfortable.
  • Hard wearing strike pad with added padding
  • Recessed stitching for longer life
  • Suitable for both front and hind legs
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Available in sizes XS>XL.
  • ...I have to add easy to wash too, mine still appear branch new, after every dirty XC session or muddy hack I hose them down and hang them out to dry with no negative effects.
Oscar is true to size, 15.1h light weight Connemara - M all round.
Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx