Matchy Matchy Addiction

Matchy Matchy may look like fun but don't be drawn in too easily...I am sure it is an undiagnosed addiction, ask any of the followers on Matchy Matchy RehabFur Feather Meds LTDMatchy DressageMatchy Matchy Dressage Swop Shop...and this is just to name a few. I wonder what scientific name doctors would give us, Obsessive Compulsive Matchies...except on rainy days when we don't want to muddy our bandages, so after schooling we go home disappointed and Google coloured brushing boots to make life better again? 

Now who is reading this rolling their eyes....? Exactly, none of you! You're all on the edge of your seats with love hearts floating around your heads, the very same as I was and we're all familiar with the saying "don't knock it till you've tried it", yes? So instead of ridiculing the Matchy Matchy set...I went for it, and I loved it! I think Oscar did too because the extra 10 minutes it took me to tack up getting my bandages exactly right meant 10 minutes less schooling work for him - not ideal but I am sure practice makes perfect! And here was our result...

Oscar and I how we typically look on a day to day basis...

Here we are in our Matchy Matchy Euro Star Excellence Pad in Cashmere Blue with "Matching" Bandages, the total set cost £68, not cheap but....ahhhhhh *long deep sigh* doesn't he look adorable!

*Whispers* I think I have been drawn to the dark side...who else loves Matchy too?? I'd love you to share your tales of hiding postal packages and trying the old "this...oh he came with this set from Ireland, yeah...the Irish are really into Anky apparently!!" and your favourite colours, sets, brands and any faux pas!

Thank you for reading, Jessica & Oscar xxxx

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