Keeping Up With The Unicorns...Washing Our Whites, Pet Hair Filter Wash Bag Review

I love to see a white saddle pad, they're smart, clean and flatter every horse...even my grey, but only when both are sparkling clean, I do not enjoy grubby whites whether that be equine or laundry! Oscar and I only own one white pad, the LeMieux ProSport Suede Dressage Square, it's luxurious and saved for special occasions.

I hand wash all my saddle pads and bandages with love and care in a large TubTrug bucket by hand, however after boot marks on my white pad got the better of this method I decided to purchase a Pet Hair Filter Bag (through force more than choice, as my boyfriend would not be best pleased if I even suggested putting something of Oscar's in our personal washing machine, so this is our compromise), I got mine from Amazon for around £10, here is the product statement:

Washing numnahs has always been a problem as the course horse hair gets trapped inside the washing machine and cause both damage to the machine and drainage. This bag was originally designed for washing horse numnahs as it traps most of the hair, which is easily shaken out after washing to reduce damage to the machine and contamination of the next washing load"

Full of promise I loaded the saddle pad I adore into it's new wash bag and into the washing machine...switched it on before bed excited to see the result...

...which didn't go to plan! Due to the numnah getting heavy...and the bag being so large it stopped the drum from spinning and my washing machine stopped mid-cycle without emptying! I dragged the soaking wet numnah out, placed it in my trust TubTrug and put the washing machine back on in an attempt to 1) empty the water and 2) check it wasn't broken...would I ever live that down? No!

So I ended up scrubbing my pad in my traditional way accepting that, due to my pad being suede the dirty marks are engrained and here to stay. Oh well!

I have come to the conclusion I do not need this item and I would recommend you save your money if you hand wash as I do!

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