Eskadron Climatex Bandages

I love everything about these bandages (well that isn't completely true, I love everything apart from the price, however this post confirms they're worth every hard earned penny they cost). For those of you who haven't come across the Eskadron climatex bandages before, they're a superb support bandage made from highly elasticated, hard wearing acryl-polyamide (aka lycra) material, combined with a climatex section which winds onto the leg first, providing optimum protection for any pressure points and ensuring improved air circulation and breathabillity, removing the need to wear pads underneath bandaging...which lets face it, how many of us actually do prior to bandaging? I fail to as find they make the bandages too puffy, for me this is why these bandages so special and they fasten tidily with a velcro tab.

They're sold as a pair, I paid £32.50 for my set in chocolate from Horse Health (

The bandages are easy to apply and have never slipped, I have used them for lunging, schooling and showjumping and found them to be excellent in all three phases and my horse was happy wearing them. I have washed them numerous times, due to the climatex area being white it shows up all the dirt and sweat, more so than normal exercise bandages. Each time I have hand washed them, they've been really easy to do, the climatex part of the bandage holds a lot of water so good old fashioned ring out, washer woman style is recommended in order to speed up drying time, they've dried soft and haven't fluffed up - another benefit of the bandages being lyra, no unwanted bobbling! The chocolate colour has faded slightly however this small negative is far outweighed by other fantastic features of the bandages, I have several other colours on my wishlist!

Bandage information:
Climatex lining: 175cm
Total bandage length: 350cm

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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