LeMieux ProSport Saddle Pad

I am a lover of all things LeMieux, therefore when I decided to treat Oscar and I to a new everyday saddle pad I went straight to the Horse Health website and checked out what smart pads they had to choose from. 


The LeMieux ProSport GP/Jump square caught my eye immediately as a smart, practical pad, reasonably priced at £34.95. The pad comes in 5 colours, black, blue, brown, grey and white and although described as a 'plain' saddle pad, it definitely has something about it! 
The inner lining of the pad is a waffle material, this controls temperature, breathability and has sweat wicking properties. And when it says 'waffle' that is literally how the lining appears, small squares criss-crossed in the material. (Will come back to this later below...*)
Double velcro stra girth straps and D-ring straps are included on the saddle pad alongside an open swan neck design for freedom at the whither, which is true to use, the pad has never pulled down/tightened over my horses whithers when in use so would be comfortable on all shapes and sizes.
And of course, this saddle pad has the trade mark LeMieux girth protection area for added strength and adds to the smart overall look!

Something that I didn't pay enough attention to was this notice; this pad has the following rating for sensitivity of horses skin and coat...

The notice is clearly displayed on the website: but I have a Connemara, a hardy Irish bog pony, therefore thought it not applicable to us!

How wrong could I be, I used the pad on and off for a few weeks happily, noticing no difference to my GeeGee...until we went XC schooling, at the end of our course my saddle had slipped slightly in this saddle pad and when I removed the saddle, the pad had rubbed an area of Oscar's back, enough to rub away some of the hair! I was mortified...thankfully Oscar wasn't as concerned and happily allowed me to rub, clean, poke and prod the area without any angry faces being pulled!
(I treated it daily with NAF Love the Skin he's in salve:
I believe the rubs were caused by the waffle lining, as the inner material isn't smooth or soft to touch, I have also washed the pad in a desperate attempt to soften which sadly, hasn't worked either. 

Horse Health is one of my favourite places to shop and do an excellent job of signposting the sensitivity level of this product, I have learnt my lesson and in future will pay attention to these notices, and because of my experience I won't be purchasing another saddle pad with any type of 'waffle' or technical lining, but if your horse doesn't have sensitive skin I don't think you can go far wrong with this pad, and I am sad to be looking for a new home for mine as I think it looks rather smart!

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx 

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