Sunshine and Showers...Premier Equine Buster Lite

Sunshine and showers are causing me havoc...I am confused of how to dress myself in a morning, never mind my GeeGee! Each day I assess the Met Office weather application on my iPhone for temperature, wind speed, gusts, rainfall and humidity...I scientifically throw all of these together and come up with a master plan for the day, one that I am never 100% sure of, all by 8 am. I spend the following hours of 9 am until 12 pm worrying in the back of my mind that I have done the wrong thing if the weather dares to fault from it's forecast...I then debate if I should skip food during my lunch break and dash to the yard in an effort to save the day! Would it be easier to have a child? Haha...

Oscar has spent a few days naked, as when its warm, humid and a little showery...I can live with him being out as god intended (I say god intended in a domesticated, clipped, bathed, groomed to perfection pony kind of way)...however in the last week we've experienced some real storms, with heavy rain and I've reached for my trusted lightweight rug from Premier Equine, I own the Buster Lite from last season.

I splashed out on this rug after Oscar's first lightweight rug, the Mark Todd lightweight turnout, lasted all of 3 weeks...I spotted him in the field looking crippled lame, running to his rescue I realised his torn and tangled rug was restricting his movement! 

At first, I wasn't overly confident about the Premier Equine rug, because despite claiming to be 600 denier, diamond ripstop outer material, Oscar still managed to rip the tail flap clean off and one of the chest buckles in the first week when someone tried to rug him in the wind minus a head collar...even though this is written clearly in the rule book, #8 things not to do with a horse - ESPECIALLY IF YOU DON'T OWN IT. I won't lie, I shed a tear, mostly for my bank balance, as the rug doesn't come cheap at £109.99, thankfully, a stop at the rug repair shop and £20 later, it came out good as new and still going strong.


  • No filling 
  • Detachable neck cover, although this sits well when first put on, the hood moves about and on rainy days I have given up using it as the water runs down into the rug and Oscar always ends up wet underneath - so if you have to pay extra for the hood I would recommend buying it without
  • Breathable anti-bacteria lining
  • Elasticated shoulder gusset - I always look for these when buying a rug for free movement
  • Deep cut -  also long, so really wraps under their tummies, another feature I really like - short rugs annoy me!
  • Waterproof and breathable 
  • Tough, strong and durable - touch wood
  • Quick release clips on the front of the rug...another must, can't be faffing with buckles
  • Self righting...hmm, not too sure about that, isn't often found out of place (apart from when Oscar has removed it himself), but Oscar is checked every day therefore it's always straightened
  • Safety reflective strips on the front, side and rear - love these! Really help in the dark
  • Double lined tail flap...
  • Clip on tail strap...the buckle kept popping out it's keeper, so I replaced this with bailer twine!
  • Liners sold separately - haven't tried these

The Premier Equine rug has proved it's worth for me, as it has survived many rug wrecking attempts and saved me from repurchasing cheaper rugs over and over, although for a horse who isn't difficult to rug, I doubt you need to spend this much money, however this is more than just a rain sheet.

PS, the new season colours are amazing, why couldn't I have it in lilac.

Thank you for reading, Jessica & Oscar xxxx

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