Keeping Up With The Unicorns...NAF Love the SKIN he's in, Skin Salve

I thought this caption was rather appropriate...I can't remember the last time I bought myself a posh beauty cream...I must be delusional, the pony is spoiled!

"NAF have created a range of products specifically formulated to support horses’ skin both inside and out. The love the SKIN he’s in range features key products targeted at horses who display itchy, flaky skin or lumps and bumps caused by seasonal irritations or reactions."

Oscar's new home is next to a lake, a truly stunning setting however we haven't yet spent a Summer at the yard, and just from experiencing a mild Spring I have already noticed the swarms of midges, horse flies and bugs that are out in force...and some bites come up in fierce bumps on my little grey pony, having already bought him in from the field with blood stains where his coat whirls, especially on his neck and underneath his tummy...why do the bugs like hair whirls so much?
And just to further explain the sensitivity of my Irish bog ponies skin...I bought a new numnah with a 'technical lining' that managed to rub some patches of hair off his back while riding cross country! Anyone would think he is a thoroughbred, not a connemara!

Therefore after reading about the NAF, Love the SKIN he's in range...I had to take a look, I purchased the Salve; 400g tub retails at £14.95, purchased for £13.46 and the Skin Wash; 1l bottle retails at £19.95 purchased for £17.96, both from Viovet (, the cheapest place I found selling the products.

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Today I am only going to review the Skin Salve due to only having used the Skin Wash as a cold wash after riding and it has a lot more uses that I want to experiment with prior to reviewing/recommending!

The Skin Salve is designed to soothe and comfort irritated areas of skin, the salve easily absorbs and leaves no superficial residue, I loved that it wasn't tacky or sticky. To apply the salve, your hands are your best tool, and it's recommended to keep it in a cool, dry dark cold tack room! However the first time I applied to the rubs on Oscar's back...he hollowed and dipped away, not something I appreciated when I spend most of our time together asking him to lift and use his back, both on the ground and ridden! Since this schoolgirl error, I have warmed the salve in my hands prior to applying and recommend this if using the salve on a sensitive area, although I have been applying it straight from the tub on his fly bitten whirl areas, I think he finds the cool salve refreshing. The salve is light due to it being water based and smells delicious, another factor which helps deter flies from a healing area, it has the aroma of tea tree and includes aloe vera within its ingredients (along with MSM..something I had to google, which also helps to soothes itchiness.

Oscar's skin has responded really well to the salve, his rubs now have healthy, glossy hair that has regrown over, even though I continued to ride him, I just ensured I used the salve twice per day and I will stick with the salve as a fly treatment throughout Summer to help keep on top of the pesky bites. I am also curious of how well this product will treat mud fever come Winter as it ticks so many boxes and you get a lot of salve for £13.46, could this be a new must have...? Possibly, my only complaint about this product is the you'll notice the base of mine is gaffa taped up...Oscar knocked it off the side onto the concrete floor, loosing a good quarter...I had other liveries at the yard scooping bits up to try on their horses. So I rescued the packaging as best as I could and we continue to delicately put it away after every use.

Please patch test the salve on a small area prior to applying

Thanks for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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