Jeffries IR Bridlework Vs Evison Equine Comfort Poll Bridle

I fell upon a Jeffries bridlework sale and couldn't resist buying the premium IR bridle, (RRP £221.55) the bridle was in black and looked seriously smart! However from day one I found the leather to be really stiff, regular soaping and oiling didn't help solve this throughout the year I used it (I even contemplated soaking it in olive oil one night, but didn't want to waste good oil if it wasn't a success)...but I can't deny it was a beautiful bridle. 
I never used the flash, the IR bridle comes with a thick flash band and this swamped my little Connemaras face, even though the bridle I bought was 'cob' size. I always planned to purchase a cavesson noseband but at £81.86 for this component I wasn't in a rush to purchase it after spending a small fortune on the bridle itself, so I wore it with the flash whipped out (as shown). In hindsight my Jeffries IR bridle purchase was definitely more lust than love at first sight...

Then...I found love at first sight at Chatsworth Horse Trials when I visited the Evison Equine UK trade stand. The first thing I noticed was the shape of their Comfort Poll bridles, and that it was similar to my Jeffries IR, but their is soft, flexible and just....yummy! It felt lovely in my hands and I know if I were a horse I would choose this over the Jeffries...does that make me sound odd..haha.

Lets compare...leather: Jeffries, "best top quality leather", Evison, "very best quality English leather" -the latter I prefer.
Padded headpiece: both bridles have padded headpieces, which are both shaped around the horses ears for comfort.
Nosebands: again both are padded, both come with a crank buckle, Jeffries come with the flash as standard, Evison give the option of cavesson or flash noseband.
Price: Jeffries, £221.55 vs Evison, £79.00.

I have used my Evison bridle since July 2013 and I have had many compliments about how nice it is and most people can not believe it only cost £79.00. I recommend this brand to everyone and prefer this so much to my Jeffries bridle that I went and sold it on eBay, making a little loss but rather it go to a good home than gather dust in my tack room.

Evison's customer service has always been exception and they have a lovely Facebook page where they encourage pictures of you to show off wearing their gear:,d.ZGU

Jeffries IR:
Evison Equine Comfort Poll:

Jeffries IR

Evison Equine UK

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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