Oscar Loves Shiny New Shoes

Oscar loves shiny new shoes...or this is the conclusion I have come to in recent weeks after he has thrown them about his field...his stable...left them carelessly out on a hack somewhere! I only wish I had the same budget to spend on shoes for heavenly would that be!

I  blame the Monsoon like weather conditions we're experiencing in Great Britain at the moment, as the hoof horn swells to accommodate the excess water, and annoyingly, saturated hooves give the appearance of a full, smooth horn, cleverly filling out cracks and imperfections to appear perfect. When actually the hoof horn is very weak, just like our fingernails after a long hot soak in the bath....or after washing a big pile of dishes - most likely the later. 

Therefore Oscar's soft hooves and the vacuum like suction from the thick, clayey mud at the entrance to his paddock, that he insists on parading along, like a solider on guard whenever he is left alone in his field for so long as 20 seconds, (why when you have 10 acres of green, green grass) currently holds more shoes in it's mud bath than I do in my wardrobe! 

Now I don't believe for one second that mud at the entrance to a paddock alone can suck off a correctly fitted shoe but I know the hoof horn is at it's strongest when containing a stabilised 25% moisture content...and getting/maintaining that this Winter (or any Winter) isn't easy, Oscar often over reaches as he loons about his field which loosens them all too easily in their current soft state. A friend recommended I try turning Oscar out in rubber over reach boots, after borrowing a pair and having success (no lost shoes in 5 weeks, a personal best this Winter!) I went ahead and invested in a pair of our own. 
I opted for Equi-Theme Double Velcro Overreach Boots in XL to ensure they cover the back of the hoof and shoe, priced at £7.50 for the pair. One lasted all of 3 days, another lasted until today!! Oscar has torn straight through them both, I'd rather it be a plastic boot than further damage to his hoof from a torn shoe but I am not impressed with the quality of the rubber! Oscar is wearing a borrowed pair and I am back to the drawing board in an attempt to find some better quality over reach boots that will last yet won't break the bank! Please save your pennies and don't buy these;

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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