Saddle Slippage Solved...Acavallo Gel Pads

Oscar was on the slim side when I first bought him home, even though I had a saddle fitter out his saddle slipped back when jumping...and due to a confirmation issue, a little to the right. I tried a few things, a breast plate, a vast array of numnahs, of various shapes, sizes and fibres (even a piece of carpet underlay) and eventually I took the plunge and invested in an Acavallo Twin Sided Gel Square, costing £74.05 from Horse Health.
images/twin Sided Gel SQ BLK:BLK.jpg
I chose the Gel Square for convenience, a numnah and a half pad in one that looks smart and is fuss free, I can't be bothered with layering up pads for a quick hack out or schooling session before/after work and it doesn't even have any of the fiddly velcro tabs so it was an easy choice for me - the gel is double sided and the pads deliver the benefit of Avacallo's unique shock absorbing therapeutic gel to the horse and saddle at the same time. The non-slip gel means the pad doesn't move on the horses back, in any direction, and the saddle once positioned won't move on the pad. The low profile gel also ensures there is no excessive bulk between horse and saddle to distort the fit, and overall is a really smart pad - comes in black, brown and white.
Some notes from the above paragraph are taken from Acavallo's official product information statement and having used this pad since May 2013, I agree with every word and they're worth every single penny. I wish I'd of invested in one straight away as my saddle moving and slipping around affected my confidence when I rode, I didn't want to jump, avoided opening and closing gates as hanging from the side of a wobbly saddle isn't fun, not to mention riding up steed hills..."how did I get back there...please don't buck". If this sounds all to familiar I recommend Acavallo Gel Pads 100% and will always have one in my tack room.
Please note, this is Oscar modelling, not Valegro (always getting mistaken)
And now could be the time to buy, as Horse Health are running a...'It's Acavallo Gel week!' with 10% off all products until 6th February 2014, I'd love to buy a Just-Gel Lambskin Half Pad so I can have the same security when using other numnahs i.e. in dressage tests, I think I need to raid my piggy bank!!

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xx

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