Nothing says I love you like...Le Chameau's

...isn't that how the old romantic saying goes?
Maybe not, but my better other half made me a very happy girl on Christmas day with a new pair of wellington boots - and it hasn't stopped raining since!
For five loyal years I have worn the same pair of black Hunter wellies..."how the hell did you make them last so long?" I hear you wonder...well let me explain and I warn you, the truth is not as cost effective nor as durable as it sounds!
I suffer with raynaud's phenomenon which, for those of you who do not know it reduces the blood flow in response to the cold (in my case anyway, can be related to other emotional/stress issues), causing discolouration to the fingers and toes, they go (and pink and green, orange and just kidding). My feet, more so than my hands are incredibly painful in the winter, my toes go completely numb for whole days causing dry skin and sore toes due to lack of blood flow and the pain shoots up my foot. Doctors even x-rayed them once they were so concerned, and as the doctor poked, prodded and pondered my feet, he asked my mum and I "where you born like this?" pointing to a random bump on my right foot...YES! On that note, that's quite enough about my feet - (I won't treat you to a picture)!!
For some of you the penny will have already putting your feet into a pair of Hunter wellies is a sensation I liken to putting your feet in the fridge. Hunter wellies are cold, trendy...but COLD (this explains why my Ariat boots are so well worn... Therefore mine have been seldom worn, only during desperate times with eight pairs of socks in preparation...and please take note; wellie warmers...not practical on a farm or the yard, I bought a pair of Hunter warmers in baby pink (what was I thinking), they were brown, damp and stinky when I took them off at the end of the day - epic fail! 
All points considered the retirement of my Hunter wellies came early and I have soley used them on the farm in the Summer, paddling in the river with the dogs (again in Summer, ruined a perfectly nice pair of Dubarrys undertaking such activities in other seasons) and when heading up to the muck heap on a wet, muddy day. After our last paddle however, I noticed a squelch as I exited the river with a wet sock due to a leak which got progressively worse, something I must of moaned about more than I realised (towards the end of the year I was wrapping my foot in a carrier bag before putting it in the welly, I made sure it was a Waitrose bag though...oh the shame)...because my Christmas surprise from my perfect boyfriend was a wonderful pair of Le Chameau wellington boots...aka Kate Middleton booties!

I have the Le Chameau Neoprene lined wellies, and I've been wearing these everyday for over a month, I haven't experienced snow in them yet (fingers crossed I won't until Winter 2014), but we've had a lot of rain and a few chilly mornings and with one pair of socks my feet haven't been cold or painful. I love them! And now I will not be without a pair, I hope these last 5 years too...or longer!

Design/Colour: Hunters are cool, they reinvented the brand in the late noughties and made them more of a fashion statement, thank you Kate Moss. Le Chameau's stick to the classic green wellington boot design (although I have shielded my eyes from these for sale; horrendous), and made the headlines for being worn by Kate Middleton, please see this amusing article:
Sizing: I am a size 5 in Hunters and 4 in Le Chameau (reason I wasn't a 5 in Le Chameau is that they are wider in the foot, I have slim feet and the wiggled around a lot in the 5's)
Cost: Hunters from £85 Le Chameau from £165 
Produced in: Hunters - China. Le Chameau - France, a Le Chameau boot is the product of a consummate legacy of skills passed from generation to generationIt tells the story of craftsmen, who after an exacting apprenticeship, become responsible for each detail of production...WOW - sorry Hunters, this wipes the floor with your production statement and warrants Le Chameau's extra £80 in my opinion!
Warmth rating: Hunters 1/10. Le Chameau 10/10

Although, it isn't all bad news for Hunters...they had a hose down and came with me to V Festival in August one year and did a wonderful job of keeping my feet at a normal temperature - didn't see any Le Chameau's there!! And if money was no object, I'd definitely be purchasing a pair of pretty pastel ones for dog walking this Summer.
Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xx

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