Medium Weight Rug - Winter 2013/2014's Must Have

Looking on my Met Office weather app, I wonder if this week will be know, the week when 'IT' arrives. WinterThe Met Office's modern data, which began recording in 1910 confirmed December 2013 was the eighth mildest on record across the UK, making it the mildest since 1988, and so far January 2014 is proving to be tropical, as we're experiencing the 17th warmest since 1659!! Wow!

My research and this post were inspired by the Horse and Hound forum thread (thank you kerrieberry2)..."Heavy weights", I had to comment as Oscar's heavy weights haven't been out their storage yet...and it looks like we're not alone.

Oscar is a native pony with a trace clip, so I know our rugging routine will differ to that of a thoroughbred for example, but at the moment Oscar is turned out daily, even with all this rain, plays and frolics with his friends and his medium weight is still going strong and keeping him warm and cosy during it's 2nd year of use! Surely that deserves recognising...and what is this fantastic rug I hear you cry...?
Mark Todd, Medium Weight - chocolate/caramel, a very smart rug.
I purchased it online from Equestrian Clearance, I have ordered from this website quite a few times and always find items to be well packaged with a timely delivery service, and I am pleased to see the rug is still on sale at the same price I paid of £55.99 - RRP £110.00 - I wouldn't hesitate in buying another if I needed a fantastic medium weight rug.

Outer; 600 denier, made with waterproof and breathable rip-stop, Teflon coated polyester material. Gussets at the shoulder, neck and tail with a useful reflective strip - all must haves for me, I find shoulder gussets allow more movement and rugs with these features are less likely to rub, plus the reflective strip is always helpful (when shouting into the darkness trying to catch your horse) and a great safety feature. 
Fastenings; twin buckles with quick release clips on the chest - again another must have for me - this rug ticks so many boxes! I haven't got time to fiddle with buckles, and often need to change Oscar's rug in the field, as he lives out early Spring right up until late Autumn, so it's a task I want to get done as quickly as possible without faffing about with fingers and thumbs. Velcro and twin buckles on the neck, low crossing adjustable surcingles across the belly and removable/adjustable webbing legs straps, which I always use! Helpful for a spooky pony as secure the rug in place and also reduce slipping after a good old roll around! 
Inside; 250g filling with a soft nylon lining and fleece poll protection. And, even after all this rain, Oscar is still 100% dry, cosy and warm underneath! The rug has rubbed Oscar's mane a little but this is inevitable, I find rugs with built in necks rub less than neck-less or attachable neck rugs though. However, there are no shoulder rubs or rubs anywhere else for that matter when wearing this rug, I will also add they are true to size.

...and although the mild weather is nice, I'd choose a crisp frosty morning any day over yet another grey stormy wet one...I own heavy weights for a reason!!!

Thank you for reading, Jessica & Oscar xx

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