Keeping Up With The Unicorns - Keeping A White Tail, White

At this time of year, all grey horse owners wonder why they chose a grey...actually I wonder this throughout the year, especially on the morning of an outing when my horse has happily rolled in his own poo and managed to get traces of it as high as his hip and shoulder, oooh yes....even in that tight body-con rug I wrapped him in a mere 8 hours before!
If the above sounds all too familiar then listen up when you see a blog post from me titled; Keeping Up With The Unicorns, as these are a series of posts where I will share with you the effort and lengths I go to, to keep the pony looking shiny and new.
Today, it's all about Oscar's beautiful white (and yellowy, brown at times) tail...Jessica hums: 'maybe he's born with it...maybe it's Cowboy Magic!'

I aim to wash Oscar's tail once a month, his tail is pure white and therefore turns yellowish and brown at the bottom all too easily, (if we were due to go out I'd wash it the night or morning before too).
Unfortunately I don't have access to hot water at my yard, so in Winter I prepare two clean buckets prior to washing Oscar's tail with kettle boiled water (obviously cooled down to babies bathwater temperature, this is an organised and efficient affair, one I am sure Oscar finds funny...and I boil the kettle once more just before the washing commences for the final rinse off as it's a pointless process if you clean suds off in dirty water!). Roll on Summer when I just use the hose pipe!
Here are my tried and tested products that I rely on:
Johnson's Baby Shampoo; any from the range - usually the one that is on offer - if it's good enough for babies surely it's mild and gentle enough to use monthly on my precious horse. The shampoos are usually £1/£2 for 500ml, I have tried Boots and Asda's own baby brands and found these less effective. 
If we are going to a party I splash out and always use Cowboy Magic, Shine In - Yellow Out, - because it retails around £11 (473ml) I don't use this often, I don't spend as much on shampoo for myself! And as the shampoo is a bright blue, I somehow don't think it is as mild and gentle as Johnson's Baby range, therefore regular use could damage and thin his tail. But, the results are not to be argued with and it's worth every penny!
Cowboy Magic, Shine In - Yellow Out does exactly as it promises to, it breaks down natures stains, adds shine and takes yellow out! I massage the shampoo into the hair until the suds turn from blue to white, leave in for two/five minutes prior to washing down - repeat if necessary. 
The pictures above show before and after one wash using warm water and Cowboy Magic Shampoo - I always recommend this and wouldn't use anything else. And here I am, waving goodbye to the beautiful tail as Oscar crosses the mud bath into his paddock...
Do you plait tails to help keep them cleaner for longer or knot them up for turnout?
Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xx

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