Hypocare by Horseware

I always wanted to be an equine veterinary nurse (if only the course/qualification wasn't extortionately priced), therefore I got a lot of enjoyment researching Hypocare (geeky, I know), it's a product I have used since Summer 2013 on various little emergencies and it is something I recommend every horse owner keeps in their kit - it is one of my must haves! 
Starting at £4.99 - 50ml > £14.99 - 500ml.

Hypocare is described as a 'revolution in infection control'. 
The key ingredient is hypochlorous acid - an acid our bodies create naturally, internally it is what helps us to fight off infections and externally it is commonly used as a disinfecting agent for example to treat water in swimming pools, this is because it reacts as a strong sanitizer when mixed with water! 
Hyprocare is so special because the hypochlorous chemical our bodies producce naturally has not been able to exceed a shelf life of a few hours; but thankfully, there are some seriously brainy scientists out there who have succeeded in making a high strength, stable mix of hypochlorous acid = HYPOCARE! Thank you Horseware!!

I love this product because doesn't harm healthy tissue as it is a natural substance, it's just helping mother nature along - also making it FEI legal as it doesn't contain any banned substances. Another plus is that it can also be used on any mammal, another reason why it is a must have, and it is safe if ingested, so you don’t need to worry about your pet licking, sniffing, snorting, nibbling the affected area. - fellow geeks will love this link as much as I do. PS who'll be trying Hypocare on their own cuts and bruises soon?

Case study (with pictures); this weekend when Oscar came in from the field he had a cut on his pastern/leg, so I reached for my Hypocare spray. I have taken pictures of the healing process over the last 3 days, the cut is just over an inch long, a few millimetres wide and was bleeding as I washed down his legs...that'll teach him to practice field gymnastics in the dark! 
After washing and drying the area I sprayed 3 pumps of Hypocare onto the cut, I have repeated each morning/evening since. Oscar has still had turnout, even getting the area muddy and as always with Hypocare, I am happy with the progress. Hypocare promises not to sting but on the first application when the cut was open Oscar did stamp his foot a few times but I assume that's no different to you or I when we put something on a cut area and it stings/feels uncomfortable for the first few moments, this is the only negative comment I have which wouldn't stop me using this product in any way and he didn't do this again on re-application.
Day 1/Day 2/Day 3

Hypocare recommend their product is used to clean and flush wounds and injuries, as used above and also to fight against stubborn fungal infections, such as mud fever, thrush, ringworm.

Thank you for reading, Jessica & Oscar xx

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