A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Ariat's

A bold statement my bank balance and boyfriend disagree with...but every pair of riding boots I own are Ariat, and it isn't a 'brand' thing either, I'd wear boots from Primark if they were the most comfortable thing for me to ride in! My first pair of Ariat boots were a present in July 2012, the Heritage III Zip Jodhpur Boot in black, since having them I have rarely ridden in anything else and they're still going strong! 

The Heritage III Zip design is an attractive leather jodphur boot with a zip fastening, I have a slim foot with a high instep and most regular riding boots are totally flat in the foot and take a great deal of wearing in (dancing around the house in them with plasters at the ready... sound familiar?), thus making them solely; a riding boot. And this is how I find the Ariat jodphur boots to be different, they have something called 4LR technology soles, this means inside the boot the footbed is cushioned and shaped (allowing for a high instep) and on the outside there is a supportive duratread sole, designed for maximum wear and resistance and this does exactly that... it makes them much more wearable - you literally can't feel a thing when you tread on a pebble - they have grip, so are safer when wearing for yard duties, yet won't drag you along the ground with your foot stuck in a stirrup when you fall off - bonus! And as duratread is flexible, my boots didn't take any wearing in, they were comfortable straight away and to this day haven't caused me a single blister!

Sizing...I must mention, Ariat do 1/2 sizes - hurray - 4 is often a little snug for me...5's are good, but my bony feet can rattle around in some...but 4 1/2 is peeerrrfect (this sounds like a Goldilocks tale), and Ariat cater to my needs! I bought mine from a shop so had to benefit of trying them on first, which I would recommend this if possible, especially if it is your first pair of Ariat's but if you know your size there are some fantastic deals online. I paid £119.99 for mine and are something I will repurchase without a doubt when these get past their best.

I can spend all day long in mine and often do as the pictures below show...(I was rather ashamed so cleaned them up for their photo shoot, but the top left picture shows my boots before their polish so you get an idea of how well they scrub up and to say these are worn almost every day and have been for the last 18 months they look pretty good):
Here is the science...
I hope this post helps if you're looking for some new riding boots, let me know what boots you ride in and why?
Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xx

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