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Pretty in Pikeur

Today I am shouting about something for us equestrians, because it isn't always about lie, always is!

The Pikeur Neckwarmer revolutionised my January and kept me stylishly snug and warm. I discovered them via Instagram, being modelled by the beautiful Abi Hutton as she announced they were on sale at Equiboodle in her daily musings.

Off I Google'd and so they were, £29.95 reduced to £23.96. A chunky, woollen cable knit snood lined with soft, cosy fleece offering warmth and comfort, with a pretty silver Pikeur tag. One size and available in black, brown, beige, navy and grey, it was impossible to choose just one. So I ended up with two!

Far more practical than a scarf and much easier to wear both riding and for chores around the yard. My saviour when being caught in sleet, snow and icy winds, which this winter has been all too often. I find myself taking a layer off my body, before removing my snood and I am now seldom without one...

They're still on sale and available to buy, a must have in our winter wardrobes!

Thank you for reading,

Jessica and Oscar
Gee Gee and Me.


Nothing Beats Tradition; The Newmarket Exercise Blanket

The Newmarket Exercise Blanket is iconic and the golden stripes of the trademark Witney pattern have a certain romance to that is hard to resist.

Made from pure English wool and hand crafted on the Lancashire Moors by a company called Friday Fox, they use the same traditional methods and machinery, as the original Early's of Witney. Early's were a family business founded in 1669 that manufactured blankets for some of the finest equine athletes to have graced our world. When they ceased trading, Friday Fox became the custodians of this much loved, traditional English product and kept a piece of history alive.

I chose the Race Cut Newmarket Exercise Blanket, embroidered with my initials. A blanket recognised for its fit, warmth, comfort and hardiness and although a little big for Oscar - maybe I should refer to him as 'Desert Orchid' in this blog - I hope for it to grace the bottoms of many happy horses and ponies over the years. A timeless classic, that will last a lifetime and maybe even generations.

Each blanket is reinforced over the withers and shaped at the quarters, designed with standard girth loops, it can be worn square, or folder up at the corners - as pictured - with a smart fillet string to match and bound in a navy boarder. It isn't hard to understand why, that even in today's modern times the Newmarket Exercise Blanket continues to be a wardrobe essential for many equestrians.

Whatever your chosen discipline the Newmarket Exercise Blanket is a beautiful and practical piece of tack room treasure.

Thank you for reading,
Jessica & Oscar
Gee Gee and Me.


Eskadron Lambskin Underlay: Preventing Saddle Pad Rubs

One of the many jubilant things I associate with the month of January are rubs. Even Oscar, a "hardy native" is sensitive and his top three offending areas are;
  1. Chest
  2. Shoulders
  3. Back of the saddle
Over the years I have learnt that early prevention is better than any cure and Oscar is rarely without his silky smooth Bossy Bib when rugged, and when ridden his Eskadron Lambskin Underlay because the latter can be a real cause for concern for any horse owner/rider.

I purchased my Eskadron Lambskin Underlay from Lili Brooksby-Dalby's Feather Dressage after I saw her using one at a similar time of year, for the very same reason. The Lambskin Underlay is exactly what it says...a long piece of lambskin with no seams or edging and minimal thickness. It is positioned directly onto the horses back in the seat area and can be secured to any saddle pad using the plastic buckles at the front, ensuring it won't slip back and disappear mid ride! 

The Eskadron Lambskin Underlay has other benefits too, because it is a natural fibre once on a horses back it warms up and cools down at a much slower rate to synthetic fabrics. Reducing temperature fluctuations in the back muscles and therefore, reduces the risk of injury too. And it goes without saying that lamkskin (and sheepskin) is widely recognised for its breath-ability, sweat absorption and pressure reducing benefits. 

The Eskadron Lambskin Underlay cost £55 and I have had mine three years - pictured - it is easy to care for and as mine is only used during the winter months, a simple dandy brush down brings it back to life. When required, it can be washed with a specialist lamb/sheepskin detergent.

So if your horse is sensitive at this time of year too, don't hesitate in buying the Eskadron Lambskin Underlay, it is a product I 100% recommend. Roll on spring...

Thank you for reading
Jessica and Oscar


No Foot, No Horse by My Horse Box

For my first blog of 2018 it only felt right to write My Horse Box a fabulous farewell. Having been there from the very beginning of the companies journey as one of the first subscribers to the luxury equine subscription box. I was honoured when invited to officially blog for the team, I have loved every moment of being part of My Horse Box.

My final box to review was November's 'No Foot, No Horse', arriving with impeccable timing as the 23rd December 2017 marked the one year anniversary of Oscar going barefoot behind, lets dive in...

Supreme Products included a tub of their Heel, Sole & Frog Care product. Feet can be wet and smelly at this time of year and Oscar's frogs take a lot of TLC to remain strong and healthy. Since the arrival of November's box on the evenings when time allows, I clean and towel dry Oscar's feet and apply the Heel, Sole and Frog Care liberally to, well as it says...the heel, sole and frog, using my hands. It has no smell and a soft, clay like texture. As Oscar is stabled overnight, it can get to work cleaning, cleansing and hardening his sole and frog whilst he is stood on clean, dry bedding. 

Then of course, there are the evenings when time doesn't allow and my saviour is Bio-Hoof from Safe-Care Equine. After picking out each hoof I simply spray Bio-Hoof directly onto the frog and sole, it cleans and disinfects overnight whilst Oscar is stabled. Keeping smelly frogs at bay!

Now for the outside/upside of the hoof, something shiny and delicious; Topline Naturals Hoof Dressing. Applied using a hoof brush, it is thick in texture and smells of traditional pine tar, fresh eucalyptus and tea tree, organically grown ingredients to help regulate the moisture content in the hoof, providing a degree of protection against hooves swelling and contracting (=cracking) and against fungi and bacteria. Dark in colour it also makes hooves shine, a lovely tack room product.

This leads me onto my final two products, the most important of them all...

1. A hoof pick, hand crafted by Bespoke and Personal for My Horse Box subscribers.
I remember the lesson of how to pick out a horses hooves being one of the first I was taught and the importance that was stressed upon the task. I also remember Oscar not being very good at it when he first came home and the hours I spent teaching him how to lift his legs, calmly and politely. A hoof pick is always hanging by our stable door and hooves are picked out before turnout, and after. Before riding, and after...the theme, before and after most things. 

2. Nutrition; some horses are naturally blessed with good feet, others need a little more.
My Horse Box sourced a sample of Farriers Mix, a cutting edge equine feed supplement to maintain and support healthy hoof and horn growth. Containing kelp, biotin and methionine. Fortunately Oscar is blessed with good feet on his diet of balancer and forage, the beauty of the native breed, therefore I have gifted this to a friend whose breed of horse is less fortunate with his feet.

My Horse Box costs £34.99 for a one month subscription, make it your new years resolution to treat yourself at least once, for the thrill and anticipation of the fantastic products that will be found inside. Or better still, treat someone equine obsessed, My Horse Box will not disappoint. 

For now, it is over and out for now from Gee Gee and Me on My Horse Boxes. Oscar and I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Annabelle and Jonathan for their support in 2017, here is to an exciting 2018...

Jessica & Oscar
Gee Gee and Me


Derby House' Elite Turnout Rug Ticks Every Box *****

I wouldn't consider it unusual for an equestrian to spend more money on their equines Winter wardrobe than their own and I am no exception. Therefore, when Derby House offered to send Oscar a Heavyweight Turnout Rug from their super smart Elite range to review, I excitedly accepted! At under £100, it came out of the box looking like great value and I couldn't wait to put it to the test...

Within the first few days of Oscar wearing his stylish Elite rug, I knew it ticked all of my 'must-have' rug features so Gee Gee and Me ran a poll on our Facebook page and asked you; 

what makes the perfect Winter rug for your horse? 

  • Tracy shared that a good fit is essential when buying rugs for her ex-racer, Dan. A brand, cut or style that works for one, doesn't always for another. I found the Derby House Elite Heavyweight Turnout Rug true to size for Oscar - a Connemara at 15hh - he wears a 6ft. Laura, a follower of Gee Gee and Me purchased one for her beautiful thoroughbred mare Q - pictured below - dainty at 15.1hh she wears a size 5'9ft. The rug is also lined with Derby House' Elite Signature nylon, this promises to maintain coat shine and prevent rubs and chaffing, equally as important as a good fit. 
  • Tracy also prioritises warmth and although Oscar is no thoroughbred, he spends his winters fully clipped, so we too think this is important. The Derby House Elite Heavyweight Turnout Rug has a durable 1680 denier outer shell that protects the 350g of cosy inner fill, together with the high-spec waterproof design the rug provides excellent low temperature protection. Oscar has been nothing but warm, dry and cosy, even in sub zero temperatures. 
  • Jenny of Wild At Hoof Barefoot Rehab wants an extra large tail flap, hind leg straps - as opposed to a fillet string - appropriately positioned shoulder gussets and either a high or fixed neck adding that she struggles to find rugs that tick all of these boxes...
  • The Derby House Elite Turnout Rug has an ample tail flap, with a wind strap for added protection in the worst of weather. Soft and elastic hind leg straps, that safely clip into place with no fillet string. A feature I am 100% in agreement with Jenny on being an essential because Oscar has been known to wriggle out of fillet string straps whilst enjoying a good roll, often found with rugs wrapped around his ears in the field, waiting to be rescued. The positioning of the shoulder gusset comes back to Tracy's priority of a good fitting rug and it is impossible to comment on how the Elite range will suit every shape and size however they are well positioned on Oscar and Q, two very different breeds allowing full freedom of movement to both. The Derby House Elite Heavyweight Turnout Rug comes in a detach-a-neck' and a 'fixed neck' option, both providing high full neck coverage. 
  • Louise, a loyal follower of Gee Gee and Me owns two beautiful horses and doesn't want her heavyweight turnout rugs to weight too much, with outer shells that don't rip and are super waterproof with front surcingles for ease of use with cold fingers in the winter. There is nothing worse than counting to three to gather momentum before throwing a rug over your horse and thankfully the Derby House Elite Heavyweight Turnout Rug is light and easy to handle, the filling springy and soft. Oscar has worn his on the wettest of days, the water beading and running off the strong 1680 denier surface, without penetrating the fabric, keeping it lightweight and easy to handle. Front surcingles no...but front velcro and fully adjustable chest clips...YES! 
  • In addition to the above, my priorities also include a rug that won't destroy Oscar's mane. The Derby House Elite Heavyweight Turnout Rug has a faux sheepskin poll at the whiter, reducing pressure on this area. Combined with the detachable neck option and the breath-ability of the material, Oscar's mane should remain healthy and strong this winter and can be worn in the stable and out.
  • Not forgetting a final shout out to the reflective straps, on the chest, tail and rear! Essential when you're stood in a field, in the pitch black with nothing but a headcollar and an iPhone torch and your horse is refusing to be found! I speak from experience...

Derby House are so proud of their smart Elite rug range they offer an Elite 3 Year Warranty against the fixtures and fittings and waterproof-ness of the outer shell of their turnout rugs. Oscar has been wearing the rug for a month now, in varying weather conditions, with his field friends and we're in love. Why would I ever spend hundreds of pounds again on heavyweight turnouts when this does the job perfectly...if not better.

Buy yours here:
Detach-A-Neck £99.99
Fixed Neck £89.99

Jessica & Oscar.


Dear Santa...A Subscription to My Horse Box

My Horse Box is a luxury, monthly subscription box for the equine obsessed and would make a truly unique Christmas gift this year. You can subscribe for one month, or three, and each box has a theme; 'Hacking Out', 'Back to Schooling', 'Show-Ready', 'Spring Cleaning' to name just a few. 

The founders, Annabelle and Jonathan hand pick the most exciting and innovative equine products on the market and on route, gather exclusive discount codes for their subscribers. I am convinced they are super-human as they do all of this and somehow find the time to interview big names such as 2017 Burghley runner up Piggy French, and eight-time Paralympic Champion, Sophie Christiansen CBE for their monthly 'Hacking Out' feature. All perfectly packaged into a stylish My Horse Box and delivered on time, direct to my door once a month.

Want to know more..? Take a look inside November's 'No Foot, No Horse' box and discover why it is the perfect present...

  1. Bespoke and Personal - Solid Wood and Nickle Plated Steel Hoof Pick
  2. The Herbal Horse - Farrier Mix
  3. Safe-Care Equine - BioHoof
  4. Supreme Products - Heel, Sole and Frog Care
  5. Topline Naturals - Hoof Dressing
  6. Hacking Out interview with British Eventing Royalty, Lucinda Fredericks!
One month costs: £34.99 or three months for £97.47 - this includes a luxury My Horse Box, with the promise of goods to the value of £50 RRP and delivery included! If you're struggling to buy for the equestrian who has everything, then this is the one...

Jessica & Oscar.


Dear Santa...Fleck Carbon Ultragrip Whip

I helped a friend carry her tack to her lorry pre competition. The usual things, saddle, bridle, boots, whip...whip? What is this? It was as light as a feather, invisible in my hand and made waves as I swooshed it through the air like a fancy sword. It was the Fleck Carbon Ultragrip Whip...

Of course it is German. Designed by a country celebrated for their architectural engineering, I had to have my own.

With a solid fibre glass core, the Fleck Carbon Ultragrip Whip is robust, never feeling delicate and always in perfect balance. Something not to be underestimated, because this helps my precision, ensuring my message is loud and clear and therefore less frequent. The weight and width of the Fleck Carbon Ultragrip Whip means I can keep my hand relaxed whilst holding it, with my thumbs on top.

We all have our own opinions on riding with a whip...I personally choose to for the purpose of backing up my leg aid - thought, energy, leg, tap! Whilst I would love to be a Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin who only pick up a whip to teach a certain movement, my lack of time, training sessions and hot Jazz bloodlines make this a challenging aspiration to have. I am sure many other amateur equestrians feel the same and writing this blog post encouraged me to dig out an old article from 2014 that I read on the subject of dressage whips featured on Dressage Today, that makes for great reading.

I ordered my Fleck Carbon Ultragrip Whip from Classic Dressage for £28.00, it arrived in a cardboard tube, perfectly protected. It would make an excellent Christmas gift for the dressage diva in your life.

Jessica and Oscar.